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Opioids like heroin are intensely addictive. In fact, an estimated 23 percent of people who use this drug will become dependent on it. This is because the brain has receptors that fit perfectly with this drug. These are known as opioid-receptors. Taking opioids will make the user feel changes within minutes. Click the link for drug rehab in Delray Beach FL.

Right now there is an opioid epidemic affecting the country, with an estimated 130 Americans dying from opioid overdoses every day. This is a problem of over-prescription and drug companies downplaying the addictive properties of opioids in favor of its painkilling effects. But in this article, we will be focusing on heroin specifically.

We will discuss the harmful effects of heroin, the importance of rehab, and how the treatment works.

As overwhelming as heroin addiction can be, intensive therapy can go a long way in terms of reversing its effects. Eventually, the patient will recover from addiction’s grip. Let’s take a closer look.

Why People Abuse Heroin

Opioids are prescribed for moderate to severe pain. But heroin is not a prescription medication, unlike other opioids. This is an illicit drug that is known for its dangerous properties and addictive potential. It’s not like prescription opioids that catch people off guard because they’re simply unaware that such medications can be deadly.

Most people know that heroin is dangerous. And yet it is abused anyway. It is even among the most commonly abused illicit drugs out there. Heroin is not just abused by men. Women also can become addicted to it. Click the link for women’s drug rehab in Delray Beach.

It may simply be because of the fact that heroin is intensely addictive and people underestimate how it can get them hooked. Like we mentioned earlier, the brain has receptors that are tailor-made for opioids. So once you take heroin, your brain will respond to the chemicals these drugs contain. You will receive the euphoric effects immediately. It will make you feel good.

Heroin users can snort, swallow, or even inject the drug directly into their bloodstream. According to the Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drug and other Addiction Services, injecting heroin can cause effects within 7 to 8 seconds.

Users typically feel warm, relaxed, and deeply happy. Others report that the sensations are similar to that of an intense and satisfying sexual episode. The sensation can drive people to use the drug again, wanting to experience it over and over. What they don’t know is that the brain cells are damaged as they are manipulated by heroin.

Heroin is highly addictive and it could easily create tolerance and dependence. Tolerance means that the person needs to take higher doses or take it more frequently just to get the same desired effects.

Chances are, if you take heroin once, you will take it again. As soon as the brain cells gain access to heroin, the path to addiction is set. So why take it in the first place? There are a couple of reasons for that: wanting to gain approval of peers; wanting to deal with stress; struggling with a traumatic experience; wanting to feel good; and just out of curiosity.

With proper treatment, heroin addiction can be addressed. People can learn to live a satisfying life without access to heroin. The key is to recognize the problem when it starts and acknowledge that the problem needs to be fixed.

The Importance of Heroin Rehab

Other than setting your life back on track, perhaps the most important reason to go to rehab is to avoid severe withdrawal. Any addicted person who has attempted to quit before can tell you about the pain and discomfort of going through withdrawal. Those with severe addiction are at risk of fatal withdrawal.

Quitting the drug abruptly after developing physical dependence will only cause severe distress and end in relapse.

Common withdrawal symptoms caused by heroin are the following: restlessness, sleep problems, severe muscle and bone pain, sleep problems, diarrhea, vomiting, cold flashes with goosebumps (also known as cold turkey), uncontrollable leg movements, and severe heroin cravings.

This is because the brain has rewired itself to function even with the presence of heroin. So if this substance is suddenly removed, the brain stays in this state and causes various symptoms as it tries to adjust again.

It is not advisable to quit heroin on your own. It is much safer to seek professional medical assistance because they can manage your symptoms and give you proper help.

The Effects of Heroin

Once heroin enters the brain, it is converted to morphine and rapidly binds to opioid receptors. While the rush is great and makes people want more, the adverse effects of heroin are anything but pleasurable. Heroin abuse can have short term effects like nausea, vomiting, severe itching, drowsiness, and overdose.

Frequent injections can cause collapsed veins and infections of the blood vessels and heart valves. The body’s poor condition may lead to the development of tuberculosis. Long term heroin abuse can lead to many dangerous health problems. Specifically, it can affect the nervous system, impacting the brain and the cells, causing it to stop producing chemical signals of pleasure. In time, the person will no longer be able to feel pleasure without taking heroin.

Opioids also affect the respiratory system, causing the person to breathe much slower than they normally would. In some cases, the user might stop breathing altogether.

Other long term effects of heroin include constipation, bad teeth, cold sweats, weakening of the immune system, itching, muscular weakness, partial paralysis, menstrual disturbance, memory loss, depression, and coma.

How Drug Rehab Works for Heroin Addiction

Drug rehab for heroin addiction works similarly with other types of addiction treatment. It is a combination of behavioural therapy and counselling. The process of recovery is all about fully clearing out the drugs from your system, including your mind, body, and spirit.

Medical professionals will treat co-existing health conditions and withdrawal symptoms. Therapists can get to the root of addictive behaviour. And for those who want to get closer to God or strengthen their faith, many programs offer a faith-based approach.

The goal of drug rehab is to free the body from the effects of heroin, while also teaching the patient how to live a sober lifestyle. This involves teaching them coping mechanisms for when they feel cravings. It also involves teaching more productive ways to channel their energy.

By the time the treatment program ends, the patient will have learned how to strive for a drug-free life and build stronger relationships at all levels.

But before you can achieve this, you need to find the right treatment facility that offers programs that are focused on heroin addiction.

Inpatient treatment is a good choice for those with this type of addiction because it is more intensive. It makes use of a comprehensive treatment plan that is personalized to suit your needs.

Staying in a rehab facility for treatment takes the person away from their previous environment for a significant period of time, meaning they will be able to focus on their recovery. They will be far away from their unhealthy relationships, toxic environments, and temptations.

Clinical studies have shown that the longer you stay in a supportive environment such as in a treatment facility, the lower your risk of relapse will be. Short term programs may last from several days to two weeks, while longer rehab programs may last 90 days or more.

A study by John Hopkins Medicine showed that patients who lived in recovery housing after a 14-day opioid detox program were up to 10 times more likely to stay clean and sober. Even patients who didn’t go through detox had higher rates of abstinence if they were able to live in a drug-free environment for 90 days.

This just proves that the more time you have to remain substance-free, the better prepared you will be to face life outside of drug rehab. Rehab helps people practice healthy behaviors, but whether you’re looking for an inpatient rehab or an outpatient clinic, be sure to check whether the facility makes you feel safer.

Once detox has cleansed your system and you begin your process of recovery through rehab, you will realize that drug and alcohol addiction are more psychological than they are physical. This is why psychotherapy is a critical component of any drug rehab program.

A study published in Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation found that patients who completed an alcohol rehab program had lower rates of depression, borderline personality disorders, and attempted suicide, compared to patients who did not complete their program.

Beyond just detoxing from heroin, a proper rehab program should identify recurring mental health issues, provide specialized treatment for such disorders, and correct repetitive, negative thoughts that keep patients in an addictive mindset.

Therapists know how to defuse the emotional situations that set off the desire to drink or use drugs. These behavioral programs can strengthen a person’s sense of self and allow them to discover a sense of purpose. Motivation and confidence may be lost during addiction, and it is important to restore these things.

After rehab, the patient should be able to build stronger, more authentic relationships with loved ones, friends, and other people. This makes drug rehab an interesting exercise in self-exploration. Psychotherapy can help people reach a whole new understanding of themselves while conquering their addiction.

On top of all these benefits, rehab could help patients find or regain their hopes for the future. Contact Legacy Healing today and learn more about heroin rehab programs.


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