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Stages of Addiction Treatment

Choosing to undergo rehabilitation is an extremely courageous decision. What’s important to recognize is that treatment, just like the disease of addiction, is not one size fits all. One individual could be at a completely separate level of severity than another. This is why Legacy Healing Center Ohio offers a continuum of treatment options designed to meet patients where they are in their addiction and determine how to effectively set them up for success. 

Once you arrive, our highly trained staff will implement a variety of assessments on medical, psychiatric, and social levels. This will give us a more informed view of your addiction, what brings you to our facility, and how we can assure you receive the most appropriate care possible. 

Typically, a patient will need to undergo medically monitored detoxification as their first round of care. This is followed by a less intensive level such as a partial hospitalization program, then intensive outpatient treatment, outpatient, aftercare, etc. This carefully crafted structure is designed to walk the client steadily through the healing process, so they can attain a healthy and sober lifestyle thereafter. Read on to get a more detailed look at our levels of care and what to expect when being treated at our facility. 

Medically Supervised

Withdrawal symptoms are often the biggest hurdle to cross when beginning treatment. These symptoms can range from uncomfortable, to painful, to outright dangerous if not appropriately monitored by a trained professional. Dealing with them in solitude is never a good idea and a big part of the reason that detox serves as the first step in our recovery process. 

Legacy offers one of the best detox centers in Ohio, where they will be cared for at all times whilst withdrawing. This step can be what makes recovery worthwhile and put each patient in the most optimized mindset to receive the rest of their treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Once the patient has successfully detoxed, they will enter our Ohio PHP, where a minimum of 25 hours a week will be dedicated to clinical treatment in both individual and group settings. Additionally, they will attend 12-step meetings, evening sessions, and relationship-building programs designed to foster and support their recovery. This all takes place within a beautiful residential setting, where community housing is offered. 

It is regarded as a partial hospitalization program in order to hopefully replace the need for a full inpatient hospital stay. It is 6 days a week, and ideal for patients who may have a lack of support within their home, are prone to relapse, or are resistant to treatment as a whole.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Once your PHP care has concluded, resources are available to maintain your support system as you adjust to sobriety. This can also serve as treatment in cases where detox or 24-hour supervision are not required. Our IOP in Ohio allows patients to continue their care even after returning home, giving them a chance to begin integrating back into their everyday routine.

Even if you have completed IOP, it is strongly that non-intensive outpatient treatment is maintained on a regular basis. It is similar to the intensive form but has more flexibility to resume school or work.

Family Program

Sadly, the waves of addiction are often felt not only by the patient but their family as well. It is hard to understand the struggle of an addict unless you live it yourself, but this program seeks to bridge that gap and empower families to effectively aid their loved ones through recovery.

Our family program enables spouses, parents, and children of the addicted to best support their loved one by teaching them to avoid enabling high-risk behaviors. Individual and group sessions can also assist loved ones in sorting through their own feelings regarding the addiction.

Aftercare Services

As stated before, our facility offers effective aftercare programs designed to maintain sobriety after treatment has ceased. This will aid patients in their transition towards a sober lifestyle and provide resources to avoid relapse and temptations. 

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No matter what stage of addiction you may be in, our staff is dedicated to providing the most effective treatment you can find. We aim not only to heal you physically but also to help you discover your own power and impact throughout the process. 

For more information about our levels of care and treatment programs, contact Legacy Healing Center today.

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Honestly, it's not what you imagine when thinking "detox." Legacy made my experience so comfortable from beds, food, staff and such a clean facility. Besides all that they literally gave me life back. Forever thankful.

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