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Facts about Cocaine

Also referred to as coke, blow, or C, cocaine is a powerful stimulant that is known for the intense, energized high that it produces. While it is occasionally utilized in professional medical settings as a surgical anesthetic, recreational cocaine use remains illegal across the country. It is typically sold as a fine white powder, with street dealers commonly mixing it with flour, cornstarch, or baby powder in order to increase their profits. At Legacy Healing Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, we offer cocaine rehab programs designed to help you reclaim your life from this addiction and turn it around for the better.

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Side Effects of Cocaine Use

This drug is infamous for its ability to produce intense feelings of alertness, energy, and stamina while also acting as an appetite suppressant. Derived from the coca plant of South America, it works by stimulating the production of dopamine in the brain. This is the neurological agent that asks as a messenger in the body, stimulating feelings of pleasure as well as our brain’s reward system. As these systems adapt to the presence of this drug over time, a tolerance can be developed, meaning that you will need more cocaine each time to produce the same effects.

Some common effects of cocaine on the body and mind include:1

  • – Euphoria, or feelings of intense happiness
  • – Talkativeness
  • – Inability to sleep
  • – Heightened levels of energy
  • – Anxiety
  • – Dizziness
  • – High body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure
  • – Coma
  • – Heart attack
  • – Stroke

Consistent abuse can also result in more long-term consequences, such as chronic feelings of anxiety and depression, an inability to experience pleasure without the presence of cocaine, and visible paranoia. Aside from being snorted as a powder, users can also take cocaine by dissolving this powder and injecting the subject through a vein. It is also commonly processed into a rock crystal, which upon heating, releases vapors that produce an even stronger effect. This is what is referred to as smoking crack cocaine. 

For someone struggling with a growing dependency on this drug, our Legacy Healing’s Ohio detox center gives you the ability to safely withdraw from the toxins in your system while under the guise of medical professionals. 

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Whether it is yourself or a loved one that is currently at risk, there are a number of tell-tale signs that can point to possible cocaine dependence.

Physical symptoms include:

  • STIs as a result of risky behavior while under the influence
  • – Malnourishment and weight loss
  • – Chronic nasal infections
  • – Elevated body temperature

Because cocaine acts as an appetite suppressant, severe weight loss is a common result of addicted individuals skipping meals because they think that they don’t need them. That highlights the very real dangers of this drug. It may make someone feel invincible, but the actual effect of this activity on the body can be severely detrimental in the long term.

A person that is addicted may also exhibit behavioral changes, such as:

  • – Lack of attention toward one’s physical appearance
  • – Noticeable mood swings
  • – Aggression and irritability
  • – Dishonesty and theft in order to get more coke
  • – Spending all of one’s money on buying the drug
  • – Dissolvement of relationships

There is also substance-specific paraphernalia that a cocaine addict may possess. This can include small mirrors, straws, pipes, and razor blades. It is also possible that a person that recently used may have residual powder left around the nose and face. If you or a loved one is struggling with such a situation, Legacy Healing’s cocaine rehab center in Ohio is equipped with a variety of resources to help you get clean.

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For people with cocaine addiction in Ohio, Legacy Healing Center offers a variety of effective treatment options that will give your recovery experience the flexibility it needs. As you move through the motions, our staff of clinical professionals will be able to get a better understanding of your unique condition and identify which therapy methods may be most helpful. We will do everything in our power to assist you in reclaiming your life from the clutches of addiction.

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