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The Role That Alcohol Plays

Nearly everywhere you look, it is not hard to spot some kind of advertisement to drink alcohol. And it makes sense because, according to studies, the global market size for alcoholic drinks was valued at nearly $1.5 billion in 2021.1 This highlights just how big a part alcohol plays in a number of cultures. Sadly, it also contributes to the overwhelming rates of addiction all over the world. To combat this, Legacy Healing’s Fort Lauderdale alcohol treatment centers provide exceptional care for people struggling with this disease.

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Why Is Alcohol So Dangerous?

There are a slew of factors that contribute to how risky abusing alcohol can be. It is easily accessible to any person over the age of 21 and is commonly sought after by underaged people as well. You can walk into nearly any restaurant, grocery market, or liquor store and find it. While one drink is typically not a big deal, someone with a family history of trauma or addiction could be more likely to develop habits that put them at risk of the many dangers of alcohol abuse.

Dangers of abusing alcohol can include:

  • Ending up with a progressively heightened level of aggression: Being intoxicated can contribute to instances of physical and sexual violence. Not only is it possible for a drink to get spiked, but people also become far less inhibited when dealing with conflict and confrontation in this state.
  • Minimized inhibitions can lead to even more bad decisions: Whether it serves as a ‘gateway’ to other dangerous substances or leads a person to say something that they really shouldn’t have, being drunk is commonly the cause of damage to one’s relationships and even their career.
  • Congenital diseases are a major risk: If a woman drinks alcohol while pregnant, her baby is in danger of developing a variety of health issues, such as brain damage, stunted growth, and other defects.
  • Financial ruin is all too common: When someone is drunk a majority of the time, they likely are not paying much mind to how much they are spending. Alcohol itself is expensive, and countless people have reached the other end of addiction to realize they have nothing left.
  • You can literally die: Someone who drinks heavily on a regular basis possesses a high risk of developing some form of liver or heart disease, and even just drinking too much in one sitting can result in fatal alcohol poisoning.

Sadly, these risks won’t always be enough to deter a person from indulging on a regular basis. It is why we encourage people struggling with this to seek out alcohol treatment in Fort Lauderdale.

Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic

While some people can enjoy a glass of wine or a bottle of beer at the end of a hard day, others may attempt to hide their addiction by using this as an excuse to mask their bad habits. It isn’t hard to look at someone passed out with a drink in their hand and make the assumption that they could have a problem. But there are certainly instances where the addiction is far less obvious

Some ways that a person can be secretly struggling include:

  • Drinking while at work
  • Attempting to minimize the severity of their drinking
  • Avoiding restaurants that do not serve alcohol
  • Visible mood changes
  • Hiding their drinking, which can include drinking from a Gatorade or water bottle to conceal the substance inside, stopping at a liquor store when getting takeout, or drinking before a social gathering so that their level at the party seems normal

If you or someone that you care about is exhibiting any of these signs, it could mean that additional intervention is needed. Luckily, Legacy Healing Center offers some of the best Fort Lauderdale alcohol treatment centers in South Florida.

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