Levels of Addiction Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Our Levels of Care for Substance Abuse Treatment

Many addiction treatment facilities offer a continuum of care, providing clients with various addiction treatment levels of care designed to fulfill their needs. Once patients have completed one of our levels of care, they can then move on to the next. This is a flexible and effective treatment system that enables clients to adjust gradually to a sober lifestyle and develops the relapse prevention skills they need to sustain abstinence. At Legacy Healing Center Fort Lauderdale, we offer medical detox, PHP, IOP, and other levels of addiction care that can make sobriety possible. 

Our substance abuse levels of care are determined by a set of medical, psychiatric, and social assessments led by our staff. During these assessments, our team gains a better understanding of the nature of the individual’s addiction, as well as any additional underlying medical conditions. Below is a list of our various addiction treatment levels of care and how they contribute to the overall recovery process. 

Medically Monitored

All people with substance use disorders will experience withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to suddenly quit or reduce their drug use. Withdrawals are the result of physical dependence, which occurs when the body adapts to the drug to the point where it doesn’t feel good or normal when the drug is not being used. 

When someone who’s addicted to drugs or alcohol suddenly quits, their body will react with a series of physical and behavioral symptoms. These may include headaches, excessive sweating, anxiety, seizures, and more. The nature of withdrawals varies depending on the drug in question as well as the duration of the person’s drug use. 

Normally, the longer and more heavily a person uses a drug, the worse their withdrawal symptoms will be. Additionally, in many cases, withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous, severe, and even life-threatening. This means that any at-home or cold-turkey attempts at quitting can be dangerous. 

This is the reason that our detox center in Fort Lauderdale recommends that those who want to take the first step towards recovery seek out professional medical detox services like the ones offered at our facility. All of our drug detox programs are led by a medical team that places clients on a tapering schedule and administers medication (as required) to ease any discomfort and prevent complications from occurring. 

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

For patients who have completed PHP or another form of residential addiction treatment, our IOP level of care is an ideal solution for maintaining sobriety and adapting to the changes in their new sober life. Recovery is a lengthy process, and IOP is meant to aid clients in the early stages of their recovery, during which they’re most vulnerable to relapse and other challenges. 

Our IOP program in Fort Lauderdale includes optional community housing at our beautiful residential facility, addiction therapy services, 12-step meetings, and sober social activities to expose clients to others in the recovery community and help them build relationships that are conducive to their sobriety. Patients in our intensive outpatient program for addiction undergo a minimum of nine hours of clinical treatment per week and can follow a flexible schedule that allows them to work or attend school and go home every night. 

Family Program

Our levels of addiction treatment are dedicated not only to helping clients in their recovery from drug and alcohol abuse but also to their loved ones. We understand that addiction is a family disease, so much so that members will often adopt roles to cope with the addict’s behavior. Our family program offers education and training for parents, spouses, and siblings to ensure they not only learn how to be a strong support system but also how to avoid enabling high-risk behaviors. 

Additionally, we want to offer support to the families of addicts so they can heal from the impact of addiction, as well. To do this, we provide loved ones with individual therapy sessions and group sessions with the addict where they can get everything they’re feeling out in the open and work on rebuilding their relationship. 

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our PHP is often the first step for patients suffering from substance abuse who are ready to turn their lives around. This is an intensive, highly structured program that includes a minimum of 25 hours of clinical treatment per week, community housing in a beautiful residential setting, scheduled evening programs designed to support recovery, 12-step meetings, and relationship-building sessions. Our PHP is a 6 days a week day/night program that’s ideal for patients who may be resistant to treatment, lack support systems at home, or are prone to relapse.

Outpatient Program

Patients who have completed IOP are strongly encouraged to join our outpatient program to prevent relapse and ensure growth in recovery. This is a non-residential program designed for clients who are fully integrated back into sobriety. Our OP offers one hour of weekly therapy in addition to other recovery activities, such as our 12-step meetings and aftercare program.

Aftercare Therapy

As we mentioned previously, our facility also offers an addiction aftercare program to help clients sustain their sobriety when they’re no longer receiving round-the-clock care in our other addiction treatment levels of care. This program is designed to help clients as they transition to a sober lifestyle and work through the various challenges and temptations that are common after rehab. 

Our Fort LauderdaleAddiction Treatment Center

From detox to therapy to aftercare support, our rehab for Fort Lauderdale substance abuse treatment offers various services that can aid in long-term recovery.

To learn more about our levels of care or addiction treatment programs, contact Legacy Healing Center today.

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