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What is Heroin?

Heroin is a highly addictive and dangerous opioid (narcotic) that’s commonly sold on the streets and used for recreational purposes. Long-term heroin abuse can lead to numerous problems physically, mentally, and interpersonally. Those who are addicted to this opioid must get professional heroin treatment to increase their chances of long-term recovery. Our Pompano Beach drug rehab offers various addiction services, including a heroin program designed to support clients’ recovery and long-term recovery goals. Keep reading to learn more. 

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How Does Heroin Work?

Heroin is an opioid made from the drug morphine, which is a natural substance taken from the seed pod of various opium plants native to Southeast and Southwest Asia, Mexico, and Colombia. Heroin can come in a white powder, brown powder, or a dark, sticky substance called black tar heroin. Users may inject, snort, or smoke heroin, depending on the formulation of the drug they have. Some also mix the drug with crack cocaine, a form of drug use known as speedballing

When ingested, heroin enters the brain rapidly and binds to opioid receptors on cells located in the brain, spinal cord, gut, and other areas. These areas are usually involved with feelings of pain and pleasure and in controlling functions like heart rate, sleeping, and breathing. Opioids like heroin may also block pain signaling from the body to the brain, producing sensations of calm and relaxation. 

Common side effects of heroin include: 

  • – Dry mouth
  • – Heavy feelings in the arms and legs
  • – Warm flushing of the skin
  • – Severe itching
  • – Clouded mental functioning
  • – Going “on the nod” or in and out of consciousness 
  • – Insomnia
  • – Damaged nose tissue (in users who snort the drug)
  • – Constipation and stomach cramping
  • – Sexual dysfunction (for men)
  • – Irregular menstrual cycles
  • – Collapsed veins for people who inject the drug

Signs of Someone Using Heroin

The signs of heroin abuse will vary among users based on genetic makeup, how much of the drug is used, frequency of use, and dependency on the drug. The most common symptoms of heroin use include: 

  • – Agitation and irritability
  • – Anxiety
  • – Apathy and lack of motivation
  • – Avoiding loved ones
  • – Constricted pupils
  • – A decline in occupational or academic performance
  • – Decreased attention to personal hygiene
  • – Delusions
  • – Depression
  • – Disorientation
  • – Dry mouth
  • – Euphoria
  • – Extreme itching
  • – Forced, pressured speech
  • – Frequent respiratory infections
  • – Going “on the nod” during conversations
  • – Hallucinations
  • – Hostility toward others
  • – Inability to fulfill responsibilities at work or school
  • – Increased sleeping
  • – Lying about drug use
  • – Mood swings
  • – Paranoia
  • – Periods of hyperactivity followed by periods of exhaustion
  • – Possession of burned spoons, needles or syringes, missing shoelaces, glass pipes
  • – Scabs or bruises as the result of picking at the skin
  • – Shortness of breath
  • – Slurred speech
  • – Stashing drugs in various places around the home, car, and work
  • – Track marks on arms and legs
  • – Warm, flushed skin
  • – Wearing long pants and shirts, even in warm weather
  • – Weight loss

The risks of using this substance are often overshadowed by the drug’s intense euphoric effects, but heroin can produce long-lasting damage both physically and mentally. Therefore, it’s important for individuals who have developed a dependence to seek out professional treatment for heroin addiction. 

Our rehab in Pompano Beach, FL, offers heroin treatment that utilizes various modalities, including medically supervised detox, to help patients overcome addiction.

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