How Long Does Rehab Last?

How long is rehab in Pompano Beach?

Pompano Beach, the Heart of the Gold Coast, has spectacular beaches, water sports, and high-end dining. Just as the city shares these features with the rest of Florida, it also shares with the state, its greatest challenge — drug and alcohol abuse. Recent studies show that Broward County, that Pompano Beach is located in, lost 582 people to drug overdoses in the year 2016. The first six months of that year saw close to 200 overdose deaths, but fentanyl became dominant by the second half the year and caused nearly twice as many deaths. At one point, the office of the chief medical examiner of Broward County was forced to hire new hands to be able to keep up with the workload, performing autopsies.


If you binge on alcohol or use recreational drugs in any way, it’s important to understand that overdoses are always a possibility. Overdoses happen because there’s no precise way by which to determine how much alcohol or how much of a drug you can consume without sending your body over the edge. If you have a hard time ending the use of drugs or alcohol, it would be a good idea to contact Legacy Healing Center in Pompano Beach to speak to caring and knowledgeable addiction treatment experts about what you can do to gain greater control over your life, to get healthy, and stay safe.

Often, when people have trouble with an alcohol or drug habit, it seems to them that they could address the situation on their own, without having to pay a rehab to help them. Willpower is all they need, after all, they tell themselves. It’s important to understand, however, that force of will is rarely what helps people succeed in quitting forever. Addiction is a condition in which drugs or alcohol alter the brain’s ability to reason with itself and accept that it is harmful. Willpower is ineffective against a drug or alcohol habit.

Medical attention during withdrawal makes the process of quitting safer. Cravings, erratic blood pressure, tremors, and gastrointestinal complications, all make the attention of qualified medical personnel highly desirable during this phase. The rehab process, however, is not simply about surviving the initial period of withdrawal that follows an attempt to quit.

Addictive substances act on systems in the brain that distinguish between essential, lifesaving habits, and harmful habits. Even if you do manage to detoxify without medical attention, you’re likely to have a very difficult time with the psychological changes brought about by drug use. Exposure to drugs permanently changes the makeup of the brain to make it feel as if drugs are essential and beneficial. This is the reason that most people who quit without the benefit of professional rehab relapse within months.

The idea to take away is simply that if you use drugs or alcohol and would like to quit, seeking medical and psychological assistance at rehab is the best way to go about it.

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The benefits of 30-, 60-, and 90-day rehabs

Legacy Healing Center in Pompano Beach offers rehab programs that run 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. These programs are meant for different kinds of needs. In general, the longer the program, the deeper the addiction is that it is meant to help.

The detoxification phase in each one of these three rehab plans runs the same length of time — from a week to ten days, depending on the needs of the patient. It’s as long as it takes the body and the brain to learn to function without the chemical interference of drugs or alcohol. During this period, qualified medical professionals attend on each patient, and administer medications to help make the transition medically safer, and less painful. Once detoxification concludes, the remainder of the 30-, 60-, or 90-day programs is dedicated to rehabilitation — intense psychological counseling and training to help the patient learn the psychological skills necessary to deal with life without substance abuse.

30-day rehab programs: 

Rehab programs that run no longer than 30 days are intended for patients who have mild addictions. Typically, their history of substance abuse is only months long, they suffer from no co-existing mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, anger, attention deficit or schizophrenia, and they have only exposed themselves to small quantities of drugs or alcohol, rather than large quantities, perhaps in combination with other drugs.

30-day rehab programs require patients to take only a few days out of their lives to get better. Since they are less disruptive, and not very expensive, many people prefer them to longer programs. It’s important to understand, however, that these programs aren’t suitable for everyone. They only work well for those whose addictions are mild.

60-day rehab programs

Programs that run 60 days are well-suited to patients whose addictions are neither mild nor simple. The right candidate for a 60-day program may have been addicted for a year or longer may have used multiple drugs and may face a somewhat complicated recovery process. These programs tend to be more expensive than short, 30-day programs, but they provide more thorough care by putting patients through deeper, and more involved psychological therapy and relapse prevention care.

90-day rehab programs: 

Some people have complex, long-running relationships with substance abuse. They may use multiple drugs in large quantities, and in combination, and they may struggle with mental health issues that make life without substance abuse particularly difficult. Long-standing drug use may mean that such patients are in poor health, as well. Intensive detoxification may not be an option. They may need to take a longer, gentler path to detoxification, and need much longer periods of psychological therapy to learn to deal with life without drugs.

In general, the longer a rehab program runs, the more thorough it is. Longer programs come with greater success rates, as well. The chances of relapse tend to drop with such programs.


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What happens after rehab?

When you need to escape a pattern of substance abuse, success comes with a true understanding of what you’re up against. Substance abuse is not a conscious choice. Rather, it is a brain disorder caused by repeated exposure to drugs or alcohol. Escape from addiction is possible, but you need to prepare to manage the ever-present possibility that addiction can return.

The psychological therapy that you receive after detox in rehab prepares you by helping you learn to deal with the psychological challenges behind your substance abuse. Whether you suffer from stress, social awkwardness or depression, rehab gives you the psychological, as well as medical assistance that you need, to overcome it. Once you graduate from rehab, you still need to keep in touch with the skills you’ve acquired, to continue to have the upper hand through life.

It’s important to continue to attend therapy occasionally, and to rebuild your life. Rebuilding involves finding friends who don’t indulge in substance abuse, finding work that doesn’t expose you to drugs or alcohol, finding a support network of people to rely on in the event that you should feel the urge to abuse alcohol or drugs, helping others overcome addiction, and, most importantly, looking for ways to cope with the underlying reasons that drive you to substance abuse. Recovery from substance abuse is the work of a lifetime, and you need to be prepared. Legacy Healing Center at Pompano Beach helps you do just that.

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Sober-friendly attractions near Pompano Beach

Rehab isn’t all about hard work. One of the advantages of choosing a location like Pompano Beach to get better is that you get to take advantage of the wonderful experiences that the town offers. The Hillsboro Antique Mall is a wonderful place to hunt for experimental artwork, Art Deco antiques, and vintage decorative pieces. The Curtain Call Playhouse is a good place to catch musical theater and plays. If you’d like to attend a concert, the Pompano Beach Amphitheater has a range of performances every day of the week. It’s sober-friendly fun, fit for the new life that you’re reaching for.

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