Legacy Healing Center 5 Benefits of Going to Rehab During the Holidays

5 Benefits of Going to Rehab During the Holidays

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Why the Holidays Can Be a Great Time to Go to Rehab 

The holidays are a time that many people look forward to.  While spending time with family and friends may sound appealing, if you’re struggling with addiction, you may find yourself in a position where it may actually help you to dedicate time to getting help and treatment for your addiction. Here are just a few examples of the benefits of going to rehab during the holidays: 

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1. Avoids triggers 

While it’s true that you may love your family more than anything, the truth is that your family may unknowingly trigger certain aspects of your addiction. For instance, if there are some issues between you and your family member as a result of your addiction, then it’s possible that seeing your family could trigger these issues to come up and, as a result, could trigger you to turn back to your addiction. 

2. Learn how to be sober for the following year 

Although you want to be sober as soon as possible, not only for your family but for yourself, the reality is that addiction treatment is a process. Once you can commit to getting the drug rehab help you need now, and you can focus on being sober and ready to celebrate not only the holidays with your family the following year, you can enjoy all the special events that may come up between that time. 

3. Learn coping skills 

The holidays aren’t the only time of the year that may test your sobriety. When you’re in drug or alcohol rehab, you will learn critical coping skills, so you’re never put in a situation where your sobriety is in jeopardy. By actively participating in different forms of therapy during addiction treatment, you will be able to address the root cause of your addiction, which can help you avoid triggers in the future and develop a better understanding of the fact that addiction is a disease. 

4. Celebrate with other people in recovery 

When you’re in addiction treatment, you will meet new people on their own recovery journey. If you opt to go to drug rehab during the holiday season, you have the benefit of being able to celebrate the holidays with others that are working their way through their own treatment program. This can be an excellent opportunity to give yourself the chance to make connections with other people that may become part of your system of support. 

5. Give your family a lasting gift 

Your sobriety is a gift that keeps on giving in many ways. Not only is your sobriety a gift to yourself because it gives you a new lease on life, but it’s a gift to your family as well. Instead of your family feeling stressed or anxious that your actions are putting you in physical or psychological danger, they can now enjoy spending time with you just being yourself. This new and sober version of yourself can make fantastic memories with your family and loved ones that are sure to last a lifetime. 

Going to Rehab During the Holidays at Legacy Healing

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