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Aftercare Support Program

If you’ve recently completed treatment at Legacy Healing Center, congratulations! You’re on the path to a whole new life with hope and continued healing. When you walk out our doors, your lifelong journey with sobriety isn’t magically easy or automatic.

Fortunately, the addiction treatment care that you received while you were with us doesn’t vanish. We understand that the road without drugs or alcohol is long and riddled with challenges. That’s why Legacy offers you a complete addiction aftercare support system. You can truly thrive. At Legacy, we’re here to help you with long-term sobriety.

The time immediately following treatment can be extremely difficult as you return to daily life. It will have wonderful moments, stressful times, and triggers or old habit temptations. You’ll have to use the new tools learned at Legacy Healing Centers to manage the inevitable good and bad moments. Actively participating in the ongoing addiction aftercare support offered by Legacy can significantly reduce your risk of relapse.

Before you leave Legacy, you’ll work with our clinical staff individually and in groups to develop a plan for success in the days, weeks, months and years following initial treatment.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Caring for Ladies and Gentlemen.

Aftercare Programs to Support Addiction Recovery

By the time you are ready to leave, you will have developed a relationship with a personal recovery coach who will be there to provide support and guidance as you return fully to daily life. They will help implement long-term recovery plans and can assist with applying for jobs or school and navigating relationships with family and friends. Most importantly, they will be a caring, consistent person to talk with and lean on.

One of the best ways to get ongoing support is to join our alumni program, which connects people at all stages of drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Our alumni community has lots of ways to stay connected, such as

  • Social outings with fellow alumni
  • Weekly meetings
  • Support groups
  • Guest speakers at the Legacy Center near you, and more.

In addition to promoting positive recovery outcomes, our alumni program fosters lifelong friendships and stable bonds within a sober community.

What Are Aftercare Programs for Addiction?

You have worked to break free from addiction, be it through detox, traditional counseling, hypnotherapy, group sessions, or another format. So what does an aftercare program look like, and how will it continue to help? Legacy Healing Centers offers a range of services to meet you where you are, and in the ways you need.

We have:

  • Continued therapeutic support
  • Alumni support groups
  • Family support groups
  • 12-step fellowship groups, and more

Recovery is not just about not drinking or using drugs. It’s learning to have fun again and engaging in enjoyable and productive activities without the crutch of alcohol or substances. It’s about becoming your best self and enjoying life!

Legacy Healing Centers organizes activities year-round to keep the alumni community connected and thriving. Activities could include sporting events, picnics, group meetings, beach days, opportunities to try a new hobby, or just build new friendships with people who can understand you and what you’ve gone through like no one else.

Post Rehab Activities

Recovery is not all about staying sober, it’s also about learning to have fun again, engaging in enjoyable and productive activities, and becoming your best self. We organize activities year-round to keep our community connected and thriving. We encourage all of our clients to participate in activities such as sporting events, picnics, group meetings, beach days and other opportunities to pick up a new hobby or build new friendships with supportive people who have shared your experience.

Find AddictionAftercare Programs Near Me

Becoming a part of a sober community can be helpful if you’ve found it challenging to have fun without drugs and alcohol in the past. Addiction aftercare programs are also critical if you don’t have a strong sober support network in your life. You don’t have to do sober life alone at Legacy Healing Centers.

Contact us today to connect to the alumni community or learn more about the aftercare support opportunities. Whether you’re here or have completed the initial, intensive treatment program and are back to your everyday life, we are Ladies and Gentlemen, caring for Ladies and Gentlemen.

Sober Community

Participation in a sober community can be helpful for those who may find it difficult to have fun without drugs and alcohol, or for those lacking a strong support network in their everyday lives. We seek to build a stronger sober community in Margate that will provide a safe, nurturing support system for those on a road to long term sobriety. Alumni also have the opportunity to give back by supporting recovering addicts at more vulnerable stages.


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