IOP Addiction Treatment At Legacy Healing Center

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are treatment programs that address conditions like substance use disorders, mental health disorders, and eating disorders, as well as other conditions that don’t require medical detox or 24-hour supervision. For instance, many clients will “step down” to IOP after completing a partial hospitalization program, or PHP. This program enables clients to focus on school, work, and family while receiving consistent care for their disorders. Keep reading to learn what IOP is and how it can help you or a loved one achieve long-term sobriety.

IOP Meaning & How It Works

IOP stands for “intensive outpatient program,” which is used at Legacy Healing Center locations to treat substance use disorders. Clients in IOP rehab will participate in services like group therapy, individual therapy, life skills classes, and support groups to better understand their disorders, what caused them, and how to best manage their sobriety outside of rehab.

Group therapy is the main component of IOP for addiction treatment. Groups allow IOP participants to improve their communication skills, learn how to socialize without drugs or alcohol, support others in the recovery community, and develop structure and discipline. Other IOP services may also include medication management, case management, psychiatric screening, and vocational training.

The goals of IOP addiction treatment include:

  • Maintaining abstinence from drugs and alcohol
  • Achieving behavioral changes
  • Developing hobbies that support a sober lifestyle
  • Developing a support system at home
  • Developing independence and accountability for one’s actions
  • Addressing psychosocial issues such as housing, employment, and meeting probation requirements
  • Improving problem-solving skills
  • & More

Furthermore, a major benefit of our substance abuse intensive outpatient program is flexibility. With addiction treatment facilities across the country, we know how difficult the transition to a sober lifestyle can be after years of substance abuse. To make this transition smoother, our clients can benefit from the flexibility of our IOP, allowing them to continue working on their recovery while regaining their footing in their careers, at school, and with their families.

How Long Do Intensive Outpatient Programs Last?

IOP treatment for substance abuse generally consists of 9 hours or more of treatment for 3 to 5 days per week. However, some programs may vary depending on the individual’s needs and schedule outside of rehab.

Clients at our facility can expect our IOP rehab to range from 6 to 30 hours per week and last about 90 days in total. Remember, this program usually comes after the individual has gone through other levels of addiction treatment or is used as a transitional step in recovery for someone who requires a less intensive form of care.

While 90 days is the standard for IOP addiction treatment, the duration of the program can be adjusted according to the person’s needs, support system, and mental health status. For instance, a client who builds skills and remains sober may require fewer sessions over time, while someone who has relapsed once or several times may require more sessions or even a higher level of care.

Finding an Intensive Outpatient Program Near Me

Finding an intensive outpatient program near you is the first step in addressing drug or alcohol abuse. Our facilities will be happy to discuss our services with you and create a treatment plan that meets your needs.

We offer IOP treatment in various locations, including:

  • Legacy Healing Center Fort Lauderdale
  • Legacy Healing Center Margate
  • Legacy Healing Center Pompano Beach
  • Legacy Healing Center Cherry Hill
  • Legacy Healing Center Cincinnati

If you or someone you care about is interested in IOP addiction treatment or our other levels of addiction treatmentcontact Legacy Healing Center today to get started. 


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