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5 Myths About Overdose

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Dispelling Common Myths About Overdose 

By now the dangers of addiction and the ever-present risk of overdose are all too clear. As the opioid epidemic continues, resulting in millions of lives lost each year, there has never been a better time to get educated and dispel the myths about overdose and addiction.

Even if you’ve never struggled with a substance abuse issue of your own, chances are good that someone you know has suffered from the devastating effects of addiction. Perhaps it’s someone close to you, like a friend, neighbor, or family member, or it could be someone who you interact with on a regular basis but don’t know well.  Addiction can affect anyone, so it’s important to remember that anyone around you could be suffering from the disease.  But no matter who it is, they are deserving of understanding and support. 

Being well informed about addiction and overdose can save a life.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions circulating about these topics.  Here are some of the most common, and the most damaging, myths about overdose and the life-saving truth behind them. 

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Myth #1: It is Impossible to Overdose the First Time

Even with ample evidence to the contrary, this life-threatening misconception is still very common. Many first-time drug users think that they cannot overdose the first time they use a drug, a myth that may cause them to take dangerous or even deadly chances. 

The truth is that anyone can overdose at any time, even the first time they use. Staying away from all potentially dangerous drugs is the only way to stay safe. 

Myth #2: Buying Drugs from a Known Supplier Eliminates the Risk of Overdose 

Many addicts have fallen victim to this dangerous misconception. No matter how much an addict trusts their source, they can never truly know what is in the drugs they take. 

As the use of adulterants like Fentanyl continues to rise, the risk of overdose goes up exponentially. There is no such thing as a safe street drug, and it is important for anyone struggling with addiction to get help before it’s too late. 

Myth #3: There’s No Risk of Overdose with Drugs Prescribed by Your Doctor

This is another potentially deadly misconception that deserves to be revealed for the falsehood it is. Many people think that medications prescribed by their doctors are totally safe and that they cannot overdose as long as they are under a physician’s care. 

The sad truth is that any drug can be deadly in high enough doses, and there is little room for error with powerful medications like opioid painkillers. If you have been prescribed these drugs following surgery or to treat a chronic condition, it is important to take them exactly as prescribed. If you find yourself needing more pills to control your pain, talk to your doctor about possible alternatives instead of attempting to self-medicate. This simple step could save your life. 

Myth #4: Loved Ones Should Induce Vomiting if They Suspect an Overdose

This is another myth that could turn deadly, but many well-meaning people still believe it. If you think someone may be suffering an overdose, you should immediately call 911 and follow the instructions of the first responders for the next steps. 

Attempting to induce vomiting in someone who is suffering from an overdose could be counterproductive or even deadly. The individual could easily choke if their airway becomes obstructed, so call 911 and wait for the first responders to arrive. 

Myth #5: The Overdosing Person Should Be Placed in a Cold Bath to Cool Down

Elevated body temperature can be a symptom of overdose, but that does not mean an ice bath is the cure. In fact, putting someone who is overdosing in the bathtub could actually put their lives in danger. 

It’s easy for someone in the throes of an overdose to drown, even in less than a foot of water. Instead of running the tap, pick up the phone and call 911 so help will be on the way as soon as possible. 

Seeking Treatment for Addiction

Myths about overdose are not harmless, and it’s important to educate yourself and those you love – it could save their life. If you or someone you care about are suffering from addiction, don’t risk the devastating potential of an overdose.  Call Legacy Healing Center today at 888.534.2295 to learn how we help people like you to recover every day.  Our addiction specialists are standing by 24/7 and calls are completely confidential.