Legacy Healing Center 6 Athletes Whos Careers Were Cut Short by Drug Addiction

6 Athletes Whose Careers Were Cut Short by Drug Addiction

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Professional Athletes Whose Careers Were Ruined by Drugs

Athletes are often seen as superstars throughout our culture. Every year countless people flock to sports arenas to watch their favorite athlete play their favorite sport. While it’s true that these athletes are incredibly talented, it doesn’t mean that they are immune to being impacted by the disease of addiction, and there are many athletes who struggled with addiction.

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Here are some examples of athletes who struggled with addiction whose careers or even lives were cut short:

George Best

George Best was an incredible soccer player, but he also was one of many athletes with substance use disorder. His alcoholism ultimately overshadowed everything in his life. He had a career with the Manchester United soccer team and was well known for his passion for the game. His alcoholism would take over his life, mainly after his career ended, and he would die from the disease.

Darryl Strawberry

Anyone who’s ever been a fan of the New York Mets will know the name Darryl Strawberry. He was an incredibly talented baseball player. However, he also suffered from a terrible cocaine addiction. This ultimately impacted not only his professional career but also his personal life because he wasn’t able to maintain relationships with his children due to his addiction.

Vin Baker

Vin Baker disclosed that he would drink heavily after particularly bad basketball games. In fact, his coach at the time confirmed that he once smelled alcohol on his breath. Sadly, his drinking entailed his weight ballooning which made it seemingly impossible for him to maintain his basketball talents.

Art Schlichter

NFL quarterback Art Schlichter had all the potential in the world; however, his gambling and drug addiction ultimately took control over his life. Although he had fantastic talent, he would eventually spend time in jail due to addiction taking over his life which is why he couldn’t move forward any further in his professional career.

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson played for the NCAA, NBA, and International basketball leagues.  He had an incredible story about overcoming some of his high school difficulties. Although he received the chance of a lifetime when it came to playing professional basketball, his gambling and alcohol issues caught up with him in his 30s, resulting in the end of his career.

Len Bias

Len Bias was a promising basketball player who had been drafted to play for the Boston Celtics. Tragically, he died of a cocaine overdose before he was able to showcase his talents on the court. No one in the basketball community realized the extent of his addiction, and it came as a serious shock to the sports world.

Drug Detox and Rehab at Legacy Healing Center

Unfortunately, many athletes who struggled with addiction did not find the help they needed by entering into drug or alcohol rehab for addiction treatment. At Legacy Healing Center, we provide our clients with an abundance of drug rehab options to help them to overcome their drug addiction. For many people, the first step in the process is to commit to a drug rehab and detox program. Drug detox typically lasts approximately one week and allows you to go through the process of withdrawing from your drug of choice. You will have the opportunity to transition into an inpatient or an outpatient drug rehab program from there. A formal drug rehab program will provide you with the tools you need to overcome your addiction and move on to a healthier place in your life.

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