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Top Rated Addiction Treatment Philadelphia

The world can seem like a dark and lonely place when you struggle with substance use disorder, but our center for addiction treatment in Philadelphia is always here to help. No matter what kinds of substances you have been using or how long you have been battling addiction, we can provide the care and assistance you need, giving you the tools you can use to build a better and healthier life. Here are just some of the services we are proud to offer:

  • Treatment for heroin addiction
  • Help for alcoholics and those suffering from alcohol use disorder
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that addresses the root causes of various substance abuse issues
  • Assistance for family members
  • Help for opioid addiction
  • A way out of Xanax addiction

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Philadelphia

Alcohol may be legal, but that does not mean that addiction treatment in Philadelphia is not needed. Alcohol is powerfully addictive, and it is vital to recognize its destructive potential.

If you or someone in your life has been drinking to excess, this type of addiction must be addressed immediately. Do not let the fact that alcohol is legal to stop you from reaching out to our addiction treatment Philadelphia facility – we can provide you with the help and guidance you need to start rebuilding your life one step at a time.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Philadelphia

Opioids are powerful painkillers, but they can also be remarkably addictive. That is why it is so important to monitor your usage of these powerful drugs and reach out for help if you recognize any of these warning signs:

  • Using more than prescribed
  • Shopping around for additional prescriptions
  • A rebound in pain even after using the drugs
  • Changes in behavior, including agitation and anxiety

Heroin Addiction Treatment Philadelphia

Heroin use has been on the rise in many places, and our addiction treatment Philadelphia centers have been dealing with it for quite some time. In some cases, heroin use is driven by the related epidemic in opioid painkillers, and in other cases, it is caused by falling prices for the drug and greater availability.

No matter the cause, heroin addiction is a severe problem, and it deserves a serious solution. If someone in your life has been dealing with heroin addiction, we urge you to reach out for help right away before an already lousy situation becomes even worse.

Xanax Addiction Treatment Philadelphia

Anxiety and depression are huge problems, and drugs like Xanax can be powerful tools in recovery. Unfortunately, Xanax can also be abused, and it has a high potential for addiction.

If you have been using Xanax for any reason, it is crucial to monitor your usage and reach out for help at the first sign of trouble. There is help available for Xanax addiction, but knowledge and education will be the keys to getting timely assistance and ultimately overcoming this damaging dependency.

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Philadelphia

No matter what form it takes, drug addiction and alcoholism do not arise in a vacuum, which is what dual diagnosis treatment is all about. Studies have shown that substance use disorder often coincides with other issues, including PTSD, a history of childhood abuse, spousal and domestic violence problems, deep-seated and untreated anxiety, and even eating disorders.

Therefore, getting control of addiction means taking control of the underlying issues, and it is with that in mind, we have designed our dual diagnosis treatment program. If you would like to learn more, just reach out at 888.534.2295 and ask how dual diagnosis can put you on the road to recovery.