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If you have been using drugs or alcohol for a long period of time, using large amounts at once, or using these substances frequently, you may need to take an honest look at yourself and decide if it is time to get help.

Common signs of addiction to look for include:

  • Social groups and activities changing to only be about using the substance
  • Increased tolerance to the substance
  • Needing to take the substance to feel “normal” or get through the day
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop or cut back
  • Missing or performing poorly in school, at work, and not taking care of other responsibilities
  • Continuing to use the substance even when it causes problems at work, home, or with finances
  • Physical symptoms like red, watery eyes or pinpoint pupils, shakiness, weight changes, unexplained injuries, and sleep problems.

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If any of these symptoms sound familiar to your situation, you may need to consider entering a professional alcohol or drug rehab program. Detoxing and rehabilitating is not an easy task, but it is important, so you can regain a quality of life you are happy with, stop damaging your health and your relationships, and get clean for the long-term.

Legacy Healing Center offers residents of Long Island holistic treatment programs that incorporate medical detox with therapies, counselling, life-skills training, education, physical health and spirituality into one customizable program. We know that every person is different, with unique preferences, needs and goals for the future, so we will get to know you and help you decide what treatments will be best for you.

What to Look for in the Best Addiction Treatment Long Island

When choosing an addiction treatment program, you will want to see if the facility offers:

  • A medical detox program
  • Dual diagnosis treatments for mental illness
  • Inpatient rehab
  • Flexible outpatient rehab options
  • Rehab options
  • Aftercare programs for continued treatments after rehab is over

It is also a good idea to investigate whether a facility takes insurance, and whether your insurance will cover the types of treatments and medications offered at the facility.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Long Island

Because alcohol is a socially acceptable and readily available drug, alcoholism is common. Alcohol is a substance you should never attempt to quit cold turkey. A slow, measured and medically supervised detox is the preferred method to help you avoid immediate relapse because of how uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms can be.

Without professional help, withdrawal symptoms can become delirium tremens, a severe set of symptoms that can cause hallucinations, agitation, confusion, seizures and even death if untreated.

At Legacy, we provide a medically assisted treatment (MAT) for alcohol detox, in which we provide medications to keep you comfortable and safe as your body adjusts to the change. We also introduce therapy to help you deal with any unwanted thoughts and emotions. This therapy will continue along with you as you transfer into a rehab program after detox, so you can have consistency throughout your alcohol rehab program.

Drug Addiction Treatment Long Island

For Long Island drug addiction treatment, medical detox is usually recommended to ensure you get through your detox period without needlessly suffering. The medications we provide can help with drug cravings, pain, restlessness, anxiety, and other uncomfortable symptoms. We will monitor your progress and your physical health 24 hours/day to ensure you remain safe in our care.

Once detox is over you will transition into an inpatient or outpatient program. This is where the true work begins. You will learn new skills, get to the root of your addiction, and get your body’s health back to where it should be in our 100% customized treatment plan.

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Long Island

At Legacy we offer dual diagnosis treatment for people with co-occurring mental health and addiction disorders. This is an integrated treatment program that, with a combination of medications and therapy, will help find the underlying cause of both issues, and help you to get your physical and your mental health issues under control so you can move on with your life. Addiction and mental health are closely related, so treating both at the same time is the best way to ensure you end the cycle of addiction.

With our complete, integrated continuum of care, being treated for addiction at Legacy Healing Center will give you the best possible chance of detoxing, rehabilitating and moving into long-term recovery. We will be there for you every step of the way. To learn more about medical detox, rehab programs, or our aftercare treatments, contact us today. We are happy to answer all your questions. Call (888) 534-2295 anytime, day or night, to speak with a treatment specialist.