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How to Find the Best Addiction Treatment Center for Philadelphia Residents

When you’re caught in the grasp of addiction, you may feel in many ways that you have no way out. Each morning you may wake up with the best intentions of abstaining from drugs or alcohol. However, at a certain point in your day, the urges to consume your drug or drink of choice have become so overwhelming that you feel like you don’t have an option other than to give in. If you’ve come to a stage in your life where you’re ready to overcome your addiction, it’s time that you turn to one of the best addiction treatment centers in Philadelphia for help.

At Legacy Healing Center, we personalize the recovery programs for each one of our clients. We understand that you can never have a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, which is why we always take the time to learn more about our clients so we can guide them in making the best decisions for their long-term sobriety.

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Philadelphia Alcohol Detox Center

When you’re starting to work with us to put together your plan for addiction, you should never overlook the critical role that detox will play in your overall recovery. Within just a few hours from your last drink, you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms that can range in severity.

The unpredictability of these symptoms is part of what makes them dangerous, which is why it’s important that you never attempt to go through the detox process unless you’re under the care of a trained medical professional.

Philadelphia Drug Detox

In many ways, a person that goes through a drug detox will experience the same things as a person that went through alcohol detox. Similar to alcohol detox, your time in this type of program will last approximately one week.

However, this timeline may need to be adjusted depending on your drug of choice. While the majority of people that come to Legacy for drug detox begin to experience symptoms within just a few hours from the last time they consumed their drug of choice, it’s possible that your time in detox may need to be adjusted due to the severity of your addiction or your withdrawal symptoms.

Behavioral Health Treatment Philadelphia

It’s no surprise that the influence of drugs or alcohol will change your reaction to certain situations. As your addiction continues to get worse, you may forget what a normal and healthy reaction is when it comes to various aspects of your life. When you come to Legacy, one of the things that we will focus on with you is redeveloping positive and healthy behavioral patterns.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Philadelphia

Did you know that many people that suffer from drug or alcohol addiction also have some form of mental illness? Unfortunately, mental illness is something that may go unchecked if you don’t work with an experienced team of addiction experts such as the ones found at Legacy Healing Center.

For some, an addiction develops because a person is looking to self-medicate their mental illness. Even if the mental illness is diagnosed, if the person is not on the right type of medication, it’s possible that that could only exacerbate both conditions.

When you come to Legacy for addiction treatment in Philadelphia, we will assess you both physically and psychologically. If you do have a mental illness, we will help you to develop a plan that addresses it as a well as well as your addiction at the same time.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Philadelphia

There is a common misconception that is often associated with medication-assisted treatment in Philadelphia. For instance, there are many people that believe that when they participate in medication-assisted treatment, they are simply replacing one addiction with another.

However, when you work with the addiction experts at Legacy Healing Center, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We take the time to explain to you the medications that we believe would best help you to work through the various aspects of your addiction. Also, we will closely monitor your consumption and reaction, so you’re never put in a position of becoming dependent on any medication.

From the moment that you walk through the doors at the Legacy Healing Center for addiction treatment in Philadelphia, you will feel as though you’re walking into a home away from home type of environment.

We go above and beyond to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the course of your time with us so that you get the most out of your addiction recovery plan.

Do you have more questions regarding what you can expect when you come to Legacy? Give one of our recovery specialists a call today at 888.534.2295 for more information. We look forward to helping you through this new stage in your life.