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Benefits to Long Term Rehab for Drug Addiction

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Having a longterm stay during rehab can help increase the chances of sobriety.

Long term rehab is a place where individuals struggling with addiction can go to get help 24/7. They enter the treatment center and live there while receiving help on things such as their detox, withdrawal, therapy, education, and reintegration into society.

These long term programs can be in the form of 90-day rehab programs or yearlong drug rehab programs. No matter the case, entering a long term rehab program is often the best bet for individuals struggling with addiction to get clean.

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Differences between yearlong rehab and 90-day rehab programs

The average treatment at a center ranges from 30-90 days, inpatient for individuals struggling with substance abuse. Long term rehab treatment programs can last anywhere from 6 months to a year and are for individuals who have chronic substance abuse problems. While the benefits of long term rehab tend to be greater than 90-day rehab programs, it depends on the addiction and the person.

The main benefit of a long term rehab is that individuals are able to make dramatic changes to their lifestyle in a therapeutic environment that focuses on education, healthy habits and support of the individual. At the same time, significant improvement can be seen in individuals who enter 90-day rehab programs.

It’s good to look for certain qualities in rehabilitation programs because understanding the needs of the individual, and how each treatment center can help them is important. Continue reading to learn about what to look for in yearlong drug rehab programs.

Things to look for in yearlong drug rehab programs

Due to the success of long term rehabilitation centers, it has become easier to find treatment centers that provide just what the individual needs. Some things that should be brought up in the process of searching for the right long term rehab center are:

What is the cost? – Treatment is not always free and the price will depend according to the type of insurance that is being used to cover the treatment as well as other possible factors. Make sure that the treatment center is ready and willing to help find out what insurance may cover at their facility and offer ways for you to also check your insurance benefits.

What type of addiction is mainly treated at the facility? This is a great question to ask because you want to ensure that the treatment center focuses on the type of addiction that the individual is struggling with. For example; alcohol use disorder, opioid addiction, heroin addiction, etc.

Does the treatment center have any sort of licenses or recognitions from the state? This is a great way to check on the credibility of the center. You are able to see what they are licensed, or certified in and what sort of addictions they are known for treating.

Will the treatment plan include a detox? You will want to make sure that they are willing to medically supervise a detox for a period of at least 24 hours. Detox can be very difficult on the individual and by medically supervising the detox they will be monitoring the individual’s health closely and ensuring they are not in extreme amounts of pain.

Why yearlong drug rehab programs work

Yearlong drug rehab programs work because the individual is given the time to make behavioral and cognitive changes to benefit their wellbeing. They are given the time to heal their brain and their body, which can take an extremely long time depending on the addiction.

They are given the proper education needed to practice abstinence and to live soberly. They are also given the opportunity to heal relationships, get proper medical treatment and ultimately reintegrate into society healthy and sober.

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