Legacy Healing Center Benzo Detox for Miami Residents

Benzo Detox for Miami Residents

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Best Benzo Detox for Residents of Miami

Many who enter into benzodiazepine (Benzo) addiction do so innocently as you use a prescription that your doctor gave you to mitigate unpleasant symptoms of anxiety or insomnia. Unfortunately, the addictive components that make up benzos can make you become quickly hooked to the allure of the escape they provide while you are struggling to stabilize the uncomfortable symptoms of your mood or sleep disorder. Many people turn to Legacy Healing Center for our benzo detox in Miami to remove their dependence on benzos and learn practical tools that will help you effectively manage your emotions and behaviors through healthy outlets rather than prescription treatments.

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Benzodiazepine Addiction

Benzos are often prescribed to patients experiencing difficulty managing their mood disorders such as anxiety or panic attacks. Others rely on benzos to mitigate symptoms for conditions such as insomnia or epileptic seizures. Benzos are typically meant to be used for a short-term period to avoid chemical dependency on them.

Commonly used Benzodiazepines include:

  • Ativan
  • Klonopin
  • Valium
  • Librium
  • Helicon
  • Xanax

Symptoms of Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

Benzos create a physical dependency for its users, and it is strongly recommended that you not try to quit cold turkey. The range of withdrawal symptoms can go from mild to severe depending on the person and their history with benzo use.

Mild benzo withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Strong drug cravings
  • Irregular sleep or sleep disturbances
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Muscle pains or discomfort
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Tremors, often in the hands
  • Excessive sweating
  • Moderate changes in your perception

More severe benzo withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations
  • Increased risk for suicidal ideation
  • Psychosis

How to Safely Detox From Benzos

To maintain your safety throughout your detox process, it is highly recommended that you do so under the care of a skilled medical professional trained in effectively helping patients detox from prescription drugs. It is hard to predict what your withdrawal symptoms will look like when you begin your detox process. That is why having the supervision of a nurse and physician on-site 24/7 during this time will ensure you have the medical care you need regardless of the severity of your withdrawal symptoms.

Tapering Off Benzos

When you enter into detox, it can pose a threat to your well-being to suddenly remove benzos from your system and completely cut off your dose intake. While you are in our care at our benzo detox in Miami, you will slowly be tapered off benzos by lowering the dose at a safe pace to ensure your safety. If you are taking benzos that have long-term release components, you may switch to a benzo with short-term release to help you taper off benzos safely.

Medications Used in Benzo Detox

Our nurses and physicians will use medication to help mitigate your withdrawal symptoms and reduce your cravings. Medications that can be used during your detox with us are:

  • Buspirone: Patients with a history of anxiety and substance use are typically prescribed buspirone to help ease their symptoms of anxiety while helping remove their physical dependency on benzos.
  • Flumazenil: Works to block the receptors of pleasure from benzo use and work to lessen the withdrawal symptoms occurring within the patient.

Benzo Detox Timeline

While your withdrawal symptoms will be unique to you, there is a typical timeline that most patients will experience the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. A standard benzo withdrawal timeline during drug rehab looks as follows:

First 6 to 8 hours

Typically, patients may experience feelings of anxiety or insomnia

Days 1 to 4

Patients will often feel discomfort from their anxiety or insomnia that has onset. Feelings of nausea, increased sweating, and elevated heart rate and blood pressure can occur during this time. For patients that are using long-acting benzos, withdrawal symptoms will begin to occur during this time.

Days 10 to 14

Symptoms will often continue up until 10 to 14 days, depending on the person, while some milder symptoms can continue after that.

15 days or more

Patients using benzos for a prolonged period may experience post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS).

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) and Benzodiazepines

If your use of benzos has been a part of your life for a long time, you may experience Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). PAWS can have effects on the user long after you quit using benzos. If you are experiencing PAWS, you may exhibit these symptoms:

  • Chronic insomnia
  • Depression
  • Lack of or inability to concentrate
  • Ongoing, persistent anxiety
  • Difficulty performing challenging tasks
  • Poor or lack of sex drive

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Benzo Addiction and Anxiety

When you are experiencing anxiety symptoms, it can feel challenging to be able to maintain daily tasks or function socially or at work. A dual diagnosis treatment program at our benzo detox in Miami will help you not only remove the ties of your benzo addiction but will also provide you with new, healthy ways to cope with your anxiety through holistic measures. A dual diagnosis treatment program focuses on each co-occurring disorder individually and examines how both can accentuate one another.

Benzo Detox and Rehab at Legacy Healing Center

Legacy Healing Center works with our Miami residents to feel empowered to face life’s challenges and successes without using the benzos. Through our comprehensive benzo detox in Miami and rehab programs, you will learn the tools you need to handle your co-occurring mood or sleep disorder that initially led to your benzo use. We believe that addiction doesn’t define who you are, and we want to help you redefine and rediscover the wonderful attributes that make you who you are again without the binds of benzo addiction. Call us today at 888.534.2295 to learn more about how our benzo detox in Miami can benefit your addiction recovery.