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Best IOP Rehab Philadelphia

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Top Rated IOP Rehab for Philadelphia Residents

Suppose you’re suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol and you’re ready to make changes in your life to work through the different contributing factors of your addiction. In that case, the Legacy Healing Center provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of a comprehensive, intensive outpatient program. An IOP rehab in Philadelphia can help you accomplish the goals you have for yourself and your sobriety so that you can live the healthy and sober life you have always wanted.

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What Does IOP Stand For?

IOP stands for “intensive outpatient program.” The reason for this is that this program is more intensive in comparison to a general outpatient program. Each week you will be required to complete a minimum of nine hours of therapeutic care. An IOP is ideal for clients who may have part-time work or school responsibilities but still recognize that they need to consistently.

Levels of Care in Addiction Treatment

As a top-rated drug rehab and alcohol rehab for Philadelphia residents, our team understands the importance of providing every client with the opportunity to personalize their treatment plan. It would be impossible to take a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery since addiction impacts every person directly. When you decide to work with the Legacy team, you will work closely with our addiction experts to determine the best treatment plan and level of care for you. From the moment you reach out to our intake team, we will take every step possible to learn more about your history and background to recommend the best program for you. Remember, our treatment programs are always flexible, so if any changes need to be made, we can always arrange that.

Medical Detox for Philadelphia Residents

If you have a severe or drug or alcohol addiction, we will likely recommend that you begin your recovery journey in medical detox. This form of detox gives you the safe and guarded environment you need during the initial week of your sobriety. Within the first few hours from when you take your drug or drink of choice, you will begin to experience cravings for that substance. When you do not take that drug or alcohol, you will start to experience withdrawal symptoms over the next seven days, putting you in serious physical peril. During medical drug detox, a team of trained professionals will closely monitor your symptoms and treat you with certain medications that can help reduce or offset the severity of the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Inpatient Rehab Near Philadelphia

Do you feel you’re unable to establish your sobriety because you’re living in an environment that simply doesn’t support it? You may be living with a person suffering from their addiction or be surrounded by people who don’t understand that addiction is a disease and not simply a choice. An inpatient program will provide you with the opportunity to change the environment around you and remove yourself from this type of situation during a time in your addiction that you’re the most vulnerable.

Outpatient Rehab Levels of Care: PHP, IOP, OP

One of the leading reasons Legacy Healing Center is a top option for addiction treatment is that we offer our clients the opportunity to participate in different forms of outpatient treatment. Whether you decide to participate in a partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, or a general outpatient program, you will be met with nothing less than a team of experienced and caring individuals who will always do everything they can to ensure you receive the help and care you need.

IOP vs. Residential Addiction Treatment

The significant difference between an IOP treatment plan and a residential addiction treatment plan is where you will live when you’re working through your program. If you opt to commit to a residential treatment program, you will live on the campus of either our Cherry Hill facility or our South Florida treatment center. On the other hand, an IOP client will have more flexibility and be able to come and go according to their recovery schedule.

Therapies Offered in IOP

You will experience an abundance of different therapies when you come to our IOP program. Some examples include:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Trauma-based therapy

Each form of therapy will help you identify the root cause of your addiction and overcome it.

IOP Rehab at Legacy Healing Center in Cherry Hill

If you’re ready to commit to an IOP rehab for Philadelphia residents, the team at our facility in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is here and ready to help you. To learn more about our drug treatment options regarding our outpatient treatments, please reach out to us today at 888.534.2295.