The best way to detox from alcohol

Discover the Best Way to Detox from Alcohol

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Learn the best way to detox from alcohol and get sober with tips from Legacy Healing Center.

Does addiction to drinking have you wondering what is the best way to detox from alcohol safely? If you are unable to control your alcohol intake or have returned to alcohol consumption due to withdrawal symptoms when you stop, it is time to consider a detox and rehab program. When you enroll into an alcohol rehab program, think of it as giving yourself the gift of life. Alcohol can cause a variety of health problems, in addition to injury or death due to accidents, overdose/alcohol poisoning, etc. But freedom from alcohol is possible, and it can be found through detoxing your body from the substance and attending rehab to learn why you started drinking in the first place.

When trying to discover the best way to detox from alcohol, some people make the mistake of thinking they can stop cold-turkey or withdraw on their own. Drinkers, especially those who drink heavily or have drank alcohol for a long time, are putting their life at risk if they stop cold turkey. Serious withdrawal effects can occur, some of which require immediate medical attention. This is why the best way to detox from alcohol is in the safety of a detox facility where you will be under the care of trained medical personnel.

The detox process will begin with a comprehensive evaluation that will provide the medical staff with more information regarding what type of alcohol you have been drinking, how often, and when you started drinking. They will also ask you about other medical problems, medications you are taking, etc. With this information, a detailed and personalized detox protocol will be created for your unique situation.

When you first begin to detox from alcohol, you may experience withdrawal symptoms within a few hours of your last drink up to the following seven to ten days. Withdrawal symptoms usually peak within the first three days, but heavy drinkers may experience these symptoms for longer periods of time and with more intensity. Alcohol detox symptoms can include:

  • Headaches, foggy thinking, and Moodswings,
  • Sweating and feeling feverish
  • Having increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Experiencing seizures, mental confusion or anxiety
  • Having heart palpitations
  • Experiencing delirium tremens
  • And stomach issues such as vomiting, feeling nauseous, and loss of appetite

Because you are constantly monitored when in an alcohol detox environment like Legacy Healing Center, any time you feel detox symptoms occurring, our medical staff will assist you in order to make you more comfortable.

Once the detox process is coming to completion, it will be time to transition over to the alcohol rehabilitation program in order to help you learn about sobriety and determine what led to your addiction in the first place. Alcohol rehab consists of group therapy, individual therapy, nutrition programs, support groups, addiction education, fitness and exercise options, yoga or meditation time, recreational time, alternative therapy such as music or art, behavioral therapy options and more. In addition, you will become accustomed to keeping a routine each day, starting with an early wake-up call, nourishing breakfast and personal hygiene/self-care time. These may seem like simple habits, but in many cases, people dealing with alcohol addiction often let their hygiene go and struggle to keep up with a routine or commitments. By getting back into this habit, you will be better prepared when you leave rehab and begin working, going back to school, or partaking in family commitments and responsibilities again.

In order to discover the best way to detox from alcohol, you have to commit to yourself that you are going to find the safest and most effective way possible – and this can be found through a licensed and experienced detox and rehab like Legacy Healing Center. Call us today at 888-608-9351.