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Better Sober: How to Enjoy Watching Sports in Orlando Without Alcohol

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Watching Sports in Orlando Without Alcohol

When you were still in active addiction, you may have felt that watching sports went hand-in-hand with drinking.  Now that you’re in recovery, you will find that watching sports is actually better sober.

Attending a sporting event can be a terrific way to have fun and connect with friends and family. However, it’s critical that you stay focused on the tools you need to avoid the temptation and truly enjoy the game and the atmosphere.

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What Watching Sports Sober Is Better

If you’ve ever attended a sporting event while being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it may be difficult for you to remember certain aspects of the game. You may not even realize that you attended the game at all.

Watching a sporting event when you’re sober allows you not only to pay attention to all the details of the game. It also allows you to make fun memories with friends or family members that may be at the game with you.

Tips for Watching Sports Without Alcohol or Drugs

There are countless ways to enjoy watching sports without being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Stay home

Although it’s fun to feel the excitement and energy that comes with attending a live sporting event, if you are still new to the world of sobriety or you feel as though you may be tempted to consume your drug or drink of choice, a good option is to watch the game from home. But, of course, there is nothing wrong with relaxing on the couch with snack food while you cheer for your team.

Go with a sober friend or family member

Just because you’re not under the influence of drugs or alcohol doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy attending a game. What would make the game even better is attending it with a trusted and sober friend or family member. This person can help to keep you focused on the game.

Sports Teams and Venues in Orlando

Florida is the epicenter of the sports world in many ways. One of the best things about the Orlando and Florida area is that it can host nearly any type of sporting event. Here are some examples of the popular sports teams and venues in the Orlando area:

Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic have been in the National Basketball Association for over 30 years. Since the team was first established in 1989, there have been many notable players on the team, including Shaquille O’Neal, Penny Hardaway, and Tracy McGrady. In their 31 seasons, the team has made it to the playoffs 16 times, but they have yet to capitalize on the ultimate championship prize.

400 W Church St Suite 200, Orlando, FL 32801


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Orlando City Soccer Club

The Orlando City Soccer Club is a relatively new addition to the teams that call Orlando home. Although the team was founded in 2013, they did not start playing in Major League Soccer until 2015. This soccer club is also referred to as “The Lions” and features a mix of players worldwide. Although they haven’t made a distinct mark on the sport yet, they were able to finish their season as being ranked 4th in their conference and 5th in the overall league, which means that they are well on their way to championship contention.

655 W Church St, Orlando, FL 32805

Tampa Bay Lightning

If you’re a hockey fan, seeing a game played by the Tampa Bay Lighting should be on your list of things to do. Located just a short drive outside of Orlando, the Tampa Bay Lightning has won the Stanley Cup twice since 1992, with their most recent championship win coming in 2020. In addition, the team has retired two numbers during its history, including Vincent Lecavalier, who wore the number four and served as the team’s captain from 2000 to 2001 and again in 2008 to 2019, as well as Martin St. Louis, who wore the number 26 and was captain from 2013 to 2014.

401 Channelside Dr, Tampa, FL 33602


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