Common Signs of Drug Addiction

Common Signs of Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction signs sometimes can be easy to miss but if you know what to look for, the easier they are to notice.

Addiction is something that can happen to any person, in any walk of life. Addiction is a disease that changes chemicals in the brain and alters behaviors. When someone is struggling with addiction, their body and brain are unable to shake the need to use, no matter what it does to them or those around them.

Substance addiction isn’t just focused on illegal drugs but also on alcohol, pain killers and other substances that are legal. When a drug is taken, the brain’s reward system is triggered, sending out elevated levels of dopamine, giving users an intense feeling of pleasure. Individuals who use addictive substances will continue searching for that feeling of pleasure, even when the body has built up a tolerance and may no longer be able to reach that high. Over time, abusing substances, developing tolerance and ultimately addiction can cause damage to the brain and other parts of the body. It’s important to understand drug addiction signs and what to do if they are noticed. Continue reading to see our list of drug addiction signs.

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Signs of Addiction

There is a fine line between addiction and abuse and oftentimes addiction can be passed off as abuse until it is too late. The mainline of addiction is that the individual is unable to stop using substances, no matter who or what it puts in danger. Addiction is something that continues to grow across the country and isn’t just illegal substances anymore, it is also legal substances such as prescriptions. If you believe that you or your loved one may be suffering from an addiction, Legacy Healing Center is a local treatment center that can help you get help. If you believe that someone you love may be struggling with an addiction but are unsure what to look for, here are some common drug addiction signs:

  • The individual continues to use prescription pills even after it is no longer needed
  • The individual may notice that they are no longer able to get the same feeling of pleasure as they once did, ultimately needing more of the substance than before
  • You may notice that the individual often feels depressed, or shaky, even sick to their stomach or with headaches which can be a sign that the body is weaning off a substance
  • You notice that the individual is using substances almost all the time, no matter what they are doing and who they are around
  • The individual no longer shows interest in things they once enjoyed
  • The individual is no longer able to do daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking and working
  • The individual has gotten in trouble with the law
  • The individual has begun arguing with family members, friends, and co-workers
  • The individual exhibits changes in sleep patterns such as sleeping too much or too little
  • The individual seems unable to take care of themselves, exhibiting bloodshot eyes, bad breath, and dirty clothes
  • The individual has begun stealing money or medication from others

Deciding that someone needs help with addiction can be a scary thing, but no matter who you are seeking help for, Legacy Healing Center can help.  Legacy Healing Center Pompano Beach, will not only work with each individual on their specific needs but also guide families and individuals through each step of recovery keeping everyone in the loop and comfortable through the process. Don’t let addiction change your life, get help today by calling us (888) 534-2295.