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Top-Rated Drug Rehab Long Island

Seeking the help of a professional drug rehab center is necessary for most people struggling with addiction. Drug rehab may include a combination of different treatments, including a medical detox program, an inpatient rehab program, and outpatient care, all of which are offered at Legacy Healing drug rehab for Long Island.

Legacy Healing is a top-rated Long Island drug rehab because of our highly-trained staff, our facility’s amenities, and the personalized treatment plans we offer. Individual plans are created after an initial assessment and mental health screening that considers all facets of our patients’ lives. Treatment plans are flexible, and our staff will monitor your progress, with the option to reassess and adapt over time for the best possible results.

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Drug Detox Long Island

Stopping drug use is the first step on the road to recovery. This is not an easy feat to accomplish, as you will most likely experience withdrawal symptoms. Going through withdrawal is not something you should try to do by yourself. A drug detox program is a safe and most effective way to stop using drugs long-term.

At Legacy Healing, we can provide you with the option of medical detox. Our medical and psychiatric team will work with you to offer treatments that will make the process as comfortable as possible, using trauma-informed care. Medications are given to ease cravings and other uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, and treatment for dual diagnosis patients will also be provided, including psychiatric medications and therapy. Counseling is involved, beginning early in the detox process so you will have support in dealing with any emotions that come up.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Long Island

After detox, you will move into rehab, working with our team to develop a treatment plan that will meet your recovery needs and help you achieve lasting sobriety. A day in the life during inpatient care is structured and busy, filled with group and individual therapy, as well as life skills and vocational programs, education, and plenty of downtime to rest your body and enjoy your surroundings.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Long Island

Outpatient care is provided in various programs, ranging from our intensive day/night Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) to our intensive and regular outpatient programs.

In the PHP, you will have a minimum of 25 hours of clinical treatment like therapy and groups per week as you live within our sober facility for six days/nights a week. This program is ideal for people who are:

  • worried about leaving inpatient care
  • prone to relapsing
  • resistant to treatment
  • require more support than they would be receiving at home

In the IOP, you will have a minimum of nine hours of clinical treatment per week as you live outside of our facility and begin to return to work and other responsibilities as we provide sustained contact and sober support. The IOP offers optional community housing if you need a more stable place to stay as you begin your independent life out in the world. You will continue to have therapy and group meetings in the OP, but these will only be one hour per week unless your specific circumstances or needs change and you require more.

Alcohol Rehab Long Island

Alcohol rehab at Legacy Healing for Long Island residents is recommended for anybody with a physical or psychological addiction to alcohol. It is a drug that can be dangerous to detox from without medical support, and the continued access to support that we provide for as long as you need will help you deal with the enablers, triggers, and stress that may cause you to want to drink again.

With our integrated spectrum of care, customized treatment plans and welcoming staff in a peaceful setting, Legacy Healing can offer you the best possible chance of returning to your life after treatment with a new outlook. Our high level of support from peers and professionals gives patients a better perspective on things and a set of recovery tools under their belt that will help them remain sober for the long term. Call us today at 888.534.2295 to get started; we are only a phone call away.