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Drug Rehab West Palm Beach

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Drug Rehab: When Is it Time? 

Have drugs taken control of seemingly every aspect of your life? Have you lost your relationships with your friends and family members due to your addiction? Do you feel as though your life is spiraling out of control? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then it is time for you to reach out for help to address drug addiction. Many people are hesitant to commit to drug rehab near West Palm Beach because they feel it is never the right time. However, the longer you put off treatment, the more likely you will lose your life to this disease. 

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Benefits of Going to Drug Rehab 

The benefits of deciding to go to drug rehab near West Palm Beach are seemingly endless. Some of the common advantages include: 

  • Improved health
  • Improved relationships with your friends and family members 
  • Better chance of keeping your job and enhancing your career 
  • Learning more about the disease of addiction 

The Stages of Drug Rehab: What to Expect 

One of the understandable questions that people often have entails what they can expect as they go through each stage of the drug rehab process. The first step is to reach out to an intake team and put a preliminary plan in place. This interaction will include learning more about your addiction and its severity. From there, you may need to first go through a detox program before you can begin an inpatient or outpatient program. 

Drug Detox 

Drug detox typically lasts seven days, with the first three days being the worst when it comes to your withdrawal symptoms. You should always be in a safe and controlled environment during this period to ensure that any withdrawal symptoms that you experience don’t potentially jeopardize your overall health and well-being. 

Inpatient Drug Rehab 

An inpatient program provides you with the opportunity to live on our beautiful campus and have around-the-clock care and support of our treatment team. During your day, you will participate in various forms of therapy and have access to several amenities that will help you feel relaxed and in a home away from home type of environment. 

Outpatient Drug Rehab 

An outpatient program is suited for a person with full-time or part-time work or school responsibilities. Our treatment team can work with you to develop a recovery program that accounts for the time you need to commit to these aspects of your life while still receiving the help and care you need. If your schedule changes, we can always make adjustments in your treatment journey. 

Preventing Relapse After Drug Rehab 

At Legacy Healing Center’s behavioral health center, we must provide every client with the tools and resources they need to maintain their sobriety even after they are done with their initial treatment program. By taking advantage of the aftercare and sober coaching programs that we offer, you can set yourself up to stay focused on the changes that you want to maintain in your life when it comes to your sobriety. These programs provide you with the additional support that you may need as you begin to transition into life in the “real world.” You can still lean on your Legacy Healing treatment team but start to experience these new aspects of life now that you’re sober. 

Drug Rehab Near West Palm Beach at Legacy Healing Center 

You will not regret deciding to come to our drug rehab for West Palm Beach residents. Our team of experienced addiction professionals goes out of their way to ensure you have the support and care you need once you are ready to conquer your addiction to drugs. We understand that every client is different to enjoy a personalized treatment plan for you and your needs. If you’re ready to take this step, we will help you. Get in touch with our intake team today at 888.534.2295 and start your recovery journey today.