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Finding Employment After Addiction Treatment

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How Aftercare Helps People Transition Into a New Life

Making it through drug or alcohol detox and completing addiction treatment is a major accomplishment.  You should take the time to celebrate your achievement. When you’ve completed your behavioral health program, it’s important to consider the many ways aftercare can help you transition into a new and better life, including helping you find employment.

For people in recovery, the completion of drug treatment does not mean old triggers have disappeared.  You will continue to face challenges and temptations when they go back home. These ever-present triggers for relapse are why having access to aftercare services remains vital to long-term recovery.

The purpose of aftercare is to provide the ongoing support and guidance recovering addicts and alcoholics need to face life with confidence, rebuild their relationships, continue their education, and seek gainful employment. Since finding a good job is such a vital part of success in recovery and in life, employment resources are critical components of our ongoing support at Legacy Healing Center.

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The Stress of Unemployment

Facing unemployment is stressful in the best of times. Even if you have marketable skills, sufficient savings, and unemployment insurance to fall back on, you may wonder when, or if, you will get another job. People dealing with unemployment worry about what will happen when their insurance runs out and how they will care for their home and family when that happens.

For recovering addicts, the difficulties encountered when trying to find a job can ramp up stress levels, increasing the risk of a dangerous relapse and making staying clean and sober that much more difficult. That’s why it’s essential to have access to employment resources as you reenter life after rehab and why Legacy Healing Center is committed to providing those services.

There is an indisputable link between drug addiction and stress, and any stressor can make a preexisting drug or alcohol problem worse or trigger a dangerous relapse in someone who’s already in recovery. That is why it is critical to work with a treatment center that emphasizes help finding gainful employment and understands how having a job can strengthen a person’s ongoing recovery.

When you work with Legacy Healing Center, we will provide you with the resources you need to turn your life around. That includes things like job hunting advice, a wealth of employment resources, resume writing help, mock interviews, and other support and guidance you need to succeed not only in rehab but in life.

Employment Rights

Discrimination is all too common for recovering addicts, but now that you have finished rehab, you need to know your rights. There are laws prohibiting discrimination against job seekers, and the staff at Legacy Healing can help you understand your rights as you reenter the job market.

Employment law varies from state to state, but our vast network of resources can give you the information you need to protect yourself as you seek employment. No matter what type of experience and training you have, we will work with you to find the work you need.

Employment Resources

At Legacy Healing Center, we know that employment and successful recovery go hand-in-hand. We work hard to provide the resources you need to continue to improve your life and help you get a good job to support yourself and your family. No matter your employment history or list of skills, we can help you reenter the labor market, giving you the tools you need to lead a better and more successful fulfilling life.

Support After Care at Legacy Healing Center

When you work with a top-quality drug and alcohol treatment center like Legacy Healing Center, your road to recovery does not end the day you leave our facility. We know that completing detox and drug rehab is not the end of the road in addiction treatment. Actually, it’s only the beginning.

Legacy Healing Center is a leader in the field of addiction recovery, in part because we understand the importance of ongoing support that lasts a lifetime. Through sober coaching, our alumni program, and a strong support system, we provide the utmost in aftercare to our patients. We know that going home and facing your triggers can be difficult, and we want you to have the coping skills needed to meet those challenges with confidence.

If you are ready to put your addiction in the rearview mirror and get on with the rest of your life, pick up the phone and give Legacy Healing Center a call today.