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How to Find Help With Addiction in Florida

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In 2017 more than 70,237 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States, according to the CDC, with the majority of the deaths caused by synthetic opioids. Of the 70,237 deaths in 2017, 47,600 of them were because of the use of opioids. The epidemic of overdose deaths in the United States is scary and many individuals are unaware of how to get help with addiction. While the states with the highest death rates include; West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, DC, and Kentucky, there are still many individuals in the state of Florida who need help with addiction. If you are unsure how to know if it’s time to get professional help, or where to find it, here we will outline signs of addiction and the best places to get help with addiction.

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Help With Addiction: Addiction Signs

There are many states, according to the CDC, where significant increases in drug overdose deaths have been noted and Florida is one of these states. If you believe that you or someone you love may need help with addiction one of the first things that you can focus on are signs of addiction. Not all individuals struggling with addiction will show the same signs but there are many common symptoms that can be noted and they are:

  • Noticing that you or someone you love is changing their habits and no longer enjoy hobbies and activities that they once did, in order to abuse substances
  • Noticing that you or someone you love is engaging in risky behavior
  • Noticing that you or someone you love may be frequently using substances, more than before and never seems to be sober
  • Noticing secretive behavior that may be hiding substance abuse
  • Noticing difficulties in relationships with friends, family or at work
  • Noticing that you or someone you love is no longer taking care of themselves well and that there has been a drastic change in hygiene and appearance
  • Noticing that there may have been major life changes such as losing a job or a loved one that could trigger substance abuse

Noticing that someone needs help with addiction can be difficult, especially if they are a loved one. The same thing goes for individuals admitting to themselves that they may need help with addiction. Addiction comes in many forms and doesn’t always revolve around drug abuse. Addiction also includes alcohol and getting help with addiction can save lives. If you are unsure how to get help with addiction, in Florida, continue reading.

Finding Help With Addiction In Florida

Finding help with an addiction in Florida is not a difficult task. There are many rehabilitation centers that treat individuals struggling with addiction inpatient and outpatient but Legacy takes a holistic approach to treatment. Depending on the severity of the addiction will decide the type of treatment needed and the amount of time needed also. The goal of any treatment center is to ensure success from the treatment, ensuring that each individual receives the care they need in a safe environment. On top of treating the addiction, addiction centers also often help treat mental disorders that tend to pop up throughout an addiction. Treating both underlying disorders, such as mental disorders, and addictions simultaneously can help the individual get clean and healthy.

Patients who enter residential treatment centers will be assessed on their addiction and then monitored throughout their withdrawal, or detox process. Patients will also be given an individualized treatment plan that will be a unique plan for their specific needs. Once the individual has successful rid their body of the substance, through detox, they will be able to begin education and therapy to help get to the root of the abuse.

By speaking to individuals who have experience with treatment centers or to a physician, you will be able to receive ample recommendations for treatment centers in your area. Explore the options, evaluate costs and treatment plans and through this process, you will be able to decide which treatment center, and the program is right for you.