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Florida Recovery Treatment from the Northeast Epidemic

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The opioid crisis and overdose deaths have become an epidemic in the northeast U.S. With the opioid problem escalating, many rehab facilities in the northeast are at full capacity, and you may find yourself on a waiting list for admittance. Addiction is not something you put on hold, but a problem that must be addressed as soon as possible. That is why it may be best to seek treatment in a southern state like Florida, at a Florida recovery treatment center that can admit you right now 

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The Northeast Crises 

The northeast is facing the highest overdose deaths in the country due to the use of Fentanyl and heroin. Approximately 130 Americans are dying each day from an opioid overdose. If you are living in the northeast and are struggling with opioid drug addiction, you need professional help to stop using. You may also want to consider removing yourself from familiar surroundings where you go to get high and remove yourself from the people you use drugs with. Ridding yourself of these triggers and temptations is one of the best ways to recover and avoid a relapse. Many people in recovery find it extremely helpful to leave their home state to seek help elsewhere, where people don’t know their history and they can start over with a clean slate.  

The first wave of opioid overdose deaths began in the 1990s with an increase of prescription medications that contained natural and semi-synthetic opioids and methadone. The second wave began around 2010 and was related to increasing heroin deaths. Once patients ran out of their opioid prescription medications, many turned to heroin as a substitute. 

By 2013, the third wave had begun with an increase in synthetic opioid overdose deaths. These synthetic opioids involved illicitly-manufactured Fentanyl, which can be found in combination with cocaine, heroin and other types of counterfeit pills. Government outreach to States and communities, through the Centers for Disease Control, are working diligently to curb and reverse the opioid crisis in the northeast. 

Florida Recovery Treatment

If you are struggling with opioid addiction, there is hope. You can recover from opioid addiction with professional treatment at an accredited Florida recovery treatment center. The Journal of Addiction Medicine reports that about 1.2 million Americans have already recovered from opioid addiction. It may take time to overcome a severe opioid addiction, but it can be done with perseverance and the professional help of addiction specialists. 

At Legacy Healing Center in South Florida, you can receive personalized care and treatments that will get you off of opioid drugs and teach you how to remain drug-free. Our comprehensive addiction treatment programs provide you with the knowledge and tools that are needed to live a fulfilling life without drugs. Our staff of addiction specialists will provide you with a solid support system that can address all your needs and concerns.  The team at Legacy Healing Pompano Beach is here to help.

Your first step in recovery will be physical and psychological examination, and a treatment plan will be devised based on the outcome. The next phase of treatment is a medically supervised detox where you will be weaned off of opioid drugs. You will be monitored 24/7 during the detox process by our medical team who will address withdrawal symptoms and try to keep you as comfortable as possible.  

Once your detox is complete, you will begin a series of other Florida recovery treatment programs at Legacy Healing Center that will help to transition you from addiction to sobriety. Once you leave our facility, you can attend support group meetings or an aftercare program for ongoing support. Learn more about how to begin the detox or recovery process by calling Legacy Healing Center at (888) 534-2295