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Holistic Addiction Treatment for Miami Residents

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Holistic Approach To Addiction Treatment

Treating addiction is much more than just putting down the bottle or stopping the use of drugs. It requires an in-depth look at what has been impacting your addictive behaviors. Most know that underneath every addiction are emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that are unpleasant or painful. Through holistic addiction treatment, methods of talk therapy, you will be able to gain perspective on the emotions tied to your addiction and learn methods of coping with those uncomfortable feelings to help prevent you from relapse behavior.

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While it is crucial to your healing to gain emotional awareness and regulation, that is only one piece of the recovery puzzle. A holistic approach to treatment will help to incorporate all aspects of healing your mind, body, and soul. Legacy Healing Center has helped Miami residents reach new levels of healing and peace through the various holistic measures of treatment offered within our addiction treatment program.

Holistic treatment through Legacy Healing Center will focus on supporting patients in treating co-occurring disorders, incorporating health and wellness into their daily routine, career support, and guidance along with adding a proper diet and physical activity regime to your daily schedule.

Holistic Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

For many Americans, including residents of Miami, it is common for those that have an addiction to have a co-occurring disorder. Often patients will turn to substances as a way to manage unpleasant symptoms felt from mental health disorders or sleep disorders like insomnia. Although there is quick relief from using substances, the dark side of this method of treatment is the power of addiction from drugs or alcohol when used in this manner. The effects from drugs or alcohol can exacerbate the symptoms felt from mental health disorders which can lead to a vicious cycle of using more to mask the unpleasant side effects felt from the co-occurring disorder.

Entering into a treatment program that focuses on co-occurring disorders means that the onsite staff and therapists will work with you to gain knowledge on methods of handling your substance use disorder and mental health disorder individually. The first step will be having you rid your body of the influences of substances to gain an understanding of the baseline concerns of your mental health disorder. From there, our expert team of psychiatrists, medical professionals, and counselors will help you learn how to effectively manage your mental health concerns through healthy lifestyle choices and methods of holistic approaches that will move you away from self-medicating with substances.

Holistic Health and Wellness for Addiction Treatment

Many who are suffering from addiction often don’t realize the impact that a healthy diet and exercise routine will have on your ability to manage each day functionally. While you are in our care, you will have access to our onsite chefs who will prepare you three meals a day. Our chefs are trained in making our patients healthy meals that are packed full of vitamins and nutrients to help fuel your body and give you the energy and focus you need to face each day.

A regular exercise routine makes a world of difference for those who are entering into a life of sobriety. Not only will you regain your physical strength that may have been hindered from your addiction, but you will also see the added benefits it can have to your overall well-being. Getting your body moving through exercise promotes a proper sleep schedule as well as improves mental clarity and functioning. You will be invited to participate in exercise classes and programs such as yoga, accessing our gym, or just going for a daily walk to support you in including exercise in your newfound way of life.

Holistic Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Addiction is often a lonely place to be with many Miami residents feeling as though they have no one to turn to. Part of Legacy’s holistic approach to treatment is providing patients a level of connection and belonging that they have been lacking. Your addiction treatment program will incorporate opportunities for family therapy sessions. Here you will rebuild your levels of communication and understanding with the ones you love most. You and your loved ones will be able to express how your addiction has affected one another and work through methods of rebuilding the foundation of your relationship.

A successful life in sobriety is often met with a supportive group of like-minded peers. You will be encouraged to participate in methods of community engagement. This means that you will be invited to participate in recreational activities that will not only help you develop a new, sober group of friends but will have you recognize that a life of sobriety can still be fun.

Holistic Healing at Legacy

Miami residents turn to Legacy Healing Center for the comprehensive approach to treatment that provides a well-rounded solution to healing from addiction. Each patient entering our program will have different needs and recovery goals that they want to be met. Our holistic healing will zero in on those goals and support you in recreating a healthy, sober lifestyle that you have been dreaming of. Contact the friendly staff at Legacy today to learn more about the individualized, holistic treatment methods that are offered to Miami residents.