Legacy Healing center Holistic Therapies for Addiction Treatment Tampa

Holistic Therapies for Addiction Treatment Tampa

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Treating the Whole Person Promotes Lasting Transformations in Addiction Treatment

When you think of the word “holistic,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? For many people, living a holistic life entails coming to peace with certain aspects of your life. This process is done by participating in different activities to help you develop overall as a person. Holistic therapies can be incredibly beneficial for a person that is working through alcohol rehab and drug rehab. This non-medicinal focuses on the recovery of the whole person instead of just certain aspects of their life.

What Does the Term Holistic Mean

When we assist you in putting together a holistic treatment plan, we will coordinate with you on a plan that helps you recover physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The premise of a holistic treatment plan is to help you feel more at peace with yourself overall to have a better chance at lasting recovery by treating the whole patient.

It’s essential to keep in mind that holistic therapies should always occur in conjunction with traditional forms of treatment. At Legacy Healing, we offer a mix of both. You will have the opportunity to participate in holistic therapies and group counseling, individual therapy, and behavioral therapy.

Intermixing this type of therapy with holistic therapies will help you better understand your addiction and the events in your life that may have triggered your addiction. For example, if you suffered from a specific trauma in your life, individual counseling or group therapy will give you the chance to speak to a member of our team or other members of your group about the experience, which is the first step in coming to peace with it.

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Holistic Therapies Used in Addiction Treatment

At Legacy Healing, we believe that it’s our responsibility to provide our clients with several holistic therapies and activities that can help them make the most out of their time in their drug detox or alcohol detox program. Some examples include:

Exercise therapy

Do you know about the tremendous benefits associated with incorporating regular exercise into your everyday routine? As you begin to workout out, your body will naturally produce endorphins. In turn, these endorphins can help you to feel better both physically and emotionally, which can also help you to feel less stressed. If you’ve never worked out before, don’t worry. We can set you up with one of our experienced personal trainers.

Nutritional therapy

It’s important not to overlook the impact that your nutritional health plays on your recovery. Unfortunately, it’s relatively common that a person’s overall health and nutrition fall by the wayside due to their addiction.

When you come to Legacy, we will coordinate with you to explain to you the reasons why you should maintain healthy eating habits. Also, we provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that you will have access to delicious and healthy food during the time you’re with us.


One of the things that plague many of our clients is racing thoughts. Often, it’s difficult, if not impossible, for clients to slow their thoughts down to the point where they can process them. As a result, a person with an addiction turns to their drug or drink of choice to compensate. Meditation can help you to calm your mind naturally. Through a series of breathing techniques or yoga, you will quickly notice that you’re better able to manage these thoughts, which can help you feel more at ease at any given time during your day.


Indulging in a massage is a wonderful way to unwind at any point in your day. On an average day, even people that are struggling with addiction enjoy a massage. A massage can help you relax because you can request that specific physical stress points on your body get targeted during the session. If done correctly, when you leave your message, you will likely feel like a brand new person who can continue to focus on your recovery.

If you live in Tampa and are ready to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol once and for all, the addiction experts at Legacy Healing Center are here to help you. Whether you’re interested in learning more about our drug detox or alcohol detox or you’re ready to focus on addiction treatment, you can count on our team to be there for you every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients the opportunity to take part in different forms of therapy, including holistic therapies, that can help them become the best versions of themselves. A member of our team is standing by to help you begin your journey. Please reach out to us today at 888.534.2295 to learn more about our holistic approach to healing.