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How to Stay Sober After Drug Treatment

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Find out how to stay sober after rehab with these tips from Legacy Healing Center.

Are you wondering how to stay sober after you finish rehab? This is a common question and concern for anyone who has undergone a rehabilitation program and is about to move on to the next phase of life.

Finishing a rehab program is an exciting time because it means you have completed a major goal in your life – one that has taken you from addicted to a substance to now sober and on the road to recovery. And while you have learned many things while in rehab, also learning how to stay clean and sober once you leave is crucial.

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Managing Common Triggers and Temptations after Rehab

While in rehab, you are in a continuously supported environment where triggers and temptations are kept to a minimum in order to keep your focus on your recovery. But when you return home or to your new living situation after rehab, there are triggers and temptations that you have to be prepared for.

Triggers include a variety of things such as seeing old family members or friends or returning to an old neighborhood where old hangouts are located. In order to stay clean and sober, you will have to learn how to manage triggers when they happen and deal with any emotions they dredge up in a healthy way.

Triggers and temptations happen to everyone but how we react to these things is the difference between continuing to reap the benefits of staying sober or returning back to drugs and alcohol. Here are some tips to better help you manage or avoid triggers once you leave rehab:

Clear your environment – Not every one that leaves rehab moves on to a new location or new place to live. In fact, many patients return to their former living situation, which in itself may be triggering. Before you return home, speak to a trusted family member or friend and ask if they can remove any drug or alcohol paraphernalia or other reminders or items that may trigger you. When you do return home, consider changing the atmosphere into a peaceful, calm environment that matches the person you have become while in rehab.

Build a strong support network – One absolute needed when trying to stay clean and sober is building a team of people around you that have your best interest at heart, are living sober, offer support and love, and want to see you succeed in life. When you surround yourself with these types of people, you will have strong support in the moments you feel tempted or triggered, and you will be continually encouraged to move forward and live your best life.

Create a list of goals – Think about all of the hobbies and passions you have always wanted to pursue. Where do you want to be a year or five years from now? Have you always wanted to go back to school or learn a new hobby? Creating a list of goals can help you stay on track when it comes to any temptations that may arise. When you are moving forward in a great direction and are proud of yourself for all you are accomplishing and goals you are achieving, it will be easier to say no and distract yourself from things that are going to try to take you off course.

Stay connected – Whether it is doctor appointment, support group meetings, or counseling sessions, continue reaping the benefits of staying sober by sticking to your scheduled appointments and getting continuous help and support.

These are just a few ways on how to stay sober after finishing up detox and rehabilitation. If you have yet to make the decision about entering a rehabilitation program, know that a life free from drugs or alcohol is just a phone call away. The addiction specialists at Legacy Healing Center can give you more information about medical detox and inpatient/outpatient rehab options.

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