aftercare programs for addicts

Importance of Aftercare Programs for Addicts

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An effective aftercare program can help prevent addicts from relapsing.

Aftercare programs for addicts simply stated are one of the most important parts of ensuring that a safe, and sober lifestyle is maintained. While the individual may have overcome their addiction, their life outside the rehabilitation center may not have completely changed.

Individuals after rehabilitation need addiction aftercare programs to not only support them but help them deal with triggers, old situations, and friends and anything else that may want to make them fall back into their old habits. Aftercare programs for addicts come in many different forms.

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Here we will answer the question of “what is aftercare” and what are the best addiction aftercare programs for recovering addicts.

What Is Aftercare?

Aftercare programs for addicts is a general term used for follow up or ongoing treatment for addiction. This is the step that always follows after a rehab program and no matter where the initial rehab took place the goal of addiction aftercare programs are to help the individual:

  • Remain sober and on their path to recovery from substance addiction
  • To help with relapse prevention
  • To surround themselves with rewarding relationships
  • To help recovering addicts have a sense of purpose

Aftercare programs for addicts have great importance on the sobriety of individuals because it helps them continue to process the new changes in their lives.

Even though they have successfully completed their program and are clean some of the changes to their thoughts, feelings and behaviors are substantial and in order to reaffirm their path, aftercare programs are available.

What is Aftercare? Differences In Addiction Aftercare Programs

Some treatment facilities will offer aftercare programs for addicts but others will not. If they do not offer addiction aftercare programs then you may have to decide which of the programs recommended will be best for you or your loved one.

There are many different types of aftercare programs and in general, they will have the same goal: ensuring sobriety, safety and allowing the individual to have their needs met. In general, these programs will address the following topics:

  • Legal help
  • Work training
  • Education
  • Mental Health
  • Child Care
  • Relationships
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Finances
  • Medical Status and Treatment or Testing

If you notice that a treatment center only focuses on one topic, it may not be the best option because a recovering addict will need various topics addressed while adjusting to sober living.

Besides helping with the topics above some components of successful aftercare programs for addicts according to SAMHSA are the following: Health, Home, Purpose, and Community.

Health: An aftercare program should address the health of the individual as a whole. This can mean that they asses them, or help them with mental health program, test them for substances and any sort of infectious diseases, provide medications for addiction help and mental health as well as provide continued education related to health, mental health and substance abuse.

Home: Aftercare programs can provide home services to make sure that the individual has stable housing following their treatment program. They will not only help individuals find housing but also connect them with any needed services and provide transportation.

Purpose: Aftercare programs should also help individuals with their purpose. This can be in the form of helping them find work, education, or help with family responsibilities. This allows the individual to find their purpose and motivation to remain sober.

Community: Aftercare programs also help individuals build social networks, improve or repair relationships, engage in new healthy relationships and get involved in the community. Being a greater part of the community can help the individual feel a sense of love and belonging that they may not have felt prior to entering treatment.

No matter the aftercare program, the best ones will address the individual as a whole, understanding their unique needs. You can find referrals from treatment centers and word of mouth to find out about the best aftercare programs in your community.

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