Legacy Healing Center Inpatient Drug Rehab Near Philadelphia

Inpatient Drug Rehab Near Philadelphia

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Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Center for Philadelphia Residents

Legacy Healing Center is the best inpatient drug rehab for supporting patients to heal from their addiction through comprehensive, evidence-based treatment modalities. Addiction is an individual disease that affects each person differently. Every Philadelphia patient that walks through our doors is provided with a treatment program that has been designed for them specifically.

Entering into an inpatient drug rehab will give you 24/7 support from our on-site counselors and staff, who can provide you with the emotional support and guidance you need as you begin your path to recovery. You will start to connect with other patients through group therapy sessions and throughout the day-to-day activities with the treatment center. Often, our patients create long-lasting connections that will continue after you complete your drug rehab program. Taking the first step to begin inpatient drug rehab means you don’t have to fight these battles alone anymore. You will have a team of staff and patients behind you, supporting you every step of the way to reclaim your life.

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What Is Inpatient Drug Rehab Like?

When you enter inpatient drug rehab for Philadelphia residents, you will first complete your admission process with one of our friendly staff. This is when we can begin to get to know you and what you need from an inpatient drug rehab program. We will want to know your history with drug use, including how long you have used for, the quantity you used, and the frequency of your use within a day. This will help us gauge a detox and rehab program suited to your needs while keeping you safe and comfortable.

Your personalized drug rehab program will consist of holistic therapeutic measures that will be sure to address not only your addiction but any other co-occurring disorders. Your inpatient rehab program will consist of individual and group therapy sessions where you will begin to dive deep into what has been the driving force for your addiction. Therapeutic sessions will help you to heal from the emotional pains that have impacted your addictive behaviors.

However, this is only one key component of your rehab program. To make a lasting change, you will need to make a complete lifestyle change. You will be encouraged to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, whether it be through walking or fitness classes. Having exercise in your daily routine will not only improve your physical health but will improve your mental state and clarity while improving your sleep pattern.

Inpatient Drug Detox: The First Step

The first step to your drug rehab program will be to remove drugs from your system safely. We strongly encourage our patients to enter into an inpatient drug detox to ensure that their safety will be upheld under the careful medical supervision of our on-site nurses and physicians.

Withdrawal symptoms can vary in levels of severity, with some symptoms having the potential of being life-threatening. Our medical team is trained and equipped to provide medical care and interventions to decrease symptoms and keep you comfortable and safe.

What Happens After Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient drug rehab is where you can regain your life again through therapeutic methods and new skills to utilize once you leave treatment. Often when patients return home, you may feel overwhelmed or need some support to incorporate what you have learned into your daily life. Some patients will choose to participate in outpatient treatment where you can continue to receive support through individual and group therapy sessions after you leave inpatient treatment. Outpatient drug rehab will give you the flexibility to return to your demands in life, whether school, work, or family, while still coming into the center to receive the therapeutic support you have come to appreciate from Legacy Healing.

Once you have completed inpatient or outpatient rehab, you will be invited to participate in our aftercare program. This will provide you with a space to stay connected with the recovery community that you have built within treatment once you return home.

Why Choose Legacy for Inpatient Drug Rehab Near Philadelphia?

Residents in and around the Philadelphia area turn to Legacy Healing Center to help them with their drug addiction due to the holistic measures of treatment provided. We believe a successful recovery is one where you learn to incorporate a new healthy way of life. To make the life-changing transition, you need to know ways to change your life physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our expert counselors are waiting to hear from you and build you a personalized treatment plan that will support you in finding your way to the life of recovery you have dreamt of having. Call us at 888.534.2295 today to learn more.