Life After Alcohol Rehab

Life After Alcohol Rehab

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Navigating life after alcohol rehab does have certain challenges, but with a solid recovery plan and individuals that hold you accountable, life after rehab can be rewarding.

Individuals who have undergone behavioral health treatment understand what is at stake when they return to life after completing treatment. While recovery is a process that lasts a lifetime, recovery in a treatment center is the first step along the road of sobriety where individuals become equipped with the education and treatment needed to succeed. Legacy Healing Center is a behavioral health provider that specializes in treating addiction. They not only lay a foundation for those who enter their treatment but allow them to address all issues going on and get their life back on track to be able to enjoy life after alcohol rehab.

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The Plan For Life After Alcohol Rehab

No matter the treatment center, a long- term recovery plan will be put in place with goals that are specialized to each individual to help maintain focus and keep sobriety going strong. The better the long-term recovery plan, the better the outcome because without it, the more likely it is for individuals to return to their old ways. Here are a few tips to add to, or help be a part of a long-term recovery plan:

  • Choose goals and outline them with specific steps on how each will be achieved
  • Set out to rebuild any damaged relationships
  • Choose which therapy sessions will be attended, group or individual
  • Choose activities that are alcohol-free and choose many because it’s possible not all will be liked
  • Join a local support group
  • Understand one’s self and how to handle triggers and impulses

Many individuals feel like life after alcohol rehab can be a rollercoaster because of the many responsibilities that can pile up. It takes time to adjust to a sober lifestyle and when personal and professional responsibilities come flying at a person, sometimes it’s hard to take it all in. An individual who relapse, tend to do so within the first year, so it is very important to maintain a well-organized long-term recovery plan to increase the chances of sobriety. If someone who is sober makes it to their second year, the relapse rate drops significantly and each corresponding year after. Other things that should be arranged or thought out before returning to life after rehab are:

  • Knowing where one will be living
  • Deciding on daily routines, adding in eating habits and exercise
  • Finding a local support group
  • Setting up meetings with sober family member and friends
  • Staying away, at all costs, from triggers that could lead to relapse
  • Understanding that it is ok to ask for help, and doing so when needed

The more one works toward the goal of sobriety, the more the reward.


Milestones are something that happens in life after alcohol rehab and happen in increments to help individuals reach their goals and keep moving toward the next one. Not to mention that these milestones get a lot of recognition in support groups and by family and friends!

Here are the first few milestones to reach within the first year:

  • 30 days: once the one month mark is hit, a reward is given for one of the hardest 30 days out there.
  • 3 months: at 90 days another reward is given and at this point, the individual should be feeling much better about being sober.
  • 6 months: at 6 months, the individual will be able to recognize the hard work they have put in and get rewarded for it.
  • One year: One year of sobriety is a very significant event and a great time to have a sober celebration with friends and family members that have helped along the way.

On top of milestones and long-term recovery plans, many rehabilitation centers offer aftercare programs that can be found almost anywhere in the nation to help individuals stay on their feet.

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