Legacy Healing Center Life in Recovery 3 Completely Alcohol Free Bars in New York City

Life in Recovery: 3 Completely Alcohol–Free “Bars” in New York City

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Alcohol-Free Cocktails Are All the Rage in NYC: Here’s Where You Can Find Them

Just because you’re in recovery from alcohol addiction doesn’t mean you have to shut yourself off to the world. In fact, connecting with others is an important part of cultivating good mental health and supporting your recovery long term.  Giving up alcohol doesn’t mean giving up your social life.  Catching up with friends and enjoying your free time can actually be much more enjoyable when you’re sober, clear-headed, and fully present.

Fortunately, many people all around the country are realizing they prefer a night out on the town without the influence of drugs and alcohol.  In places like New York City, alcohol-free “bars” are popping up left and right to help meet the demand for sober-friendly places to go and things to do.  For people looking for a place to enjoy a great atmosphere, meet up with friends, and have fun, these New York City spaces can be a great place to enjoy all the positives of a great NYC venue without being surrounded by others who are drinking.

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Alcohol–Free “Bars” in New York City

Before visiting a venue that serves only alcohol-free beverages, honestly consider where you are in your recovery.  For some, being in this kind of environment and drinking something that looks and tastes a lot like a cocktail could serve as triggers to consume the real thing.  If you’re feeling confident in your recovery, check out a zero-alcohol bar with a sober friend who’s also in recovery so that if either of you feels triggered you can support each other in leaving right away.

If you’re ready to make plans to visit some of the coolest alcohol-free zones in New York City, here are some options to help you get started:


If you’re looking for a sober-friendly place to connect with friends and have some fun, Getaway is an awesome option! Getaway doesn’t just have alcohol-free mocktail options, the entire bar menu is 100% alcohol-free.  Getaway is a perfect destination for New Yorkers looking for a great venue without any of the potential triggers to drink that can come with being out at a bar or restaurant.   You can order your non-alcoholic beverage either at the bar or at one of the tables spread throughout the area. If you need help finding the right drink for you, the friendly staff is always happy to assist you.

158 Green St, Brooklyn, NY 11222


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Listen Bar

Listen’s slogan is “All bar. No booze.”  It’s a completely alcohol-free bar in NYC where all the bartenders are musicians that curate the evening’s playlists with their own music and that of their friends and greatest influences.  Listen Bar was founded on a dare when its owner, Lorelei Bandrovschi was dared to quit drinking for a month.  When she did and realized that it was awesome she recognized the lack of nightlife venues that weren’t centered around drinking alcohol.  She tested out her idea of a booze-free bar by throwing pop-up parties around the city and the idea proved to be a hit!  Now she’s on a mission to “rewrite nightlife beyond alcohol”. The drink recipes at Listen were created by mixologists, herbalists, and nutritionists so they’re not only delicious, they’re good for you too.  Listen also hosts a range of fun alcohol-free cocktail-making classes online.


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Ambrosia Elixirs Bar and Oasis Lounge

This self-described “botanical cafe and apothecary bar” in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood offers a truly unique experience.  Founder Valeria de la Pava comes from a family of traditional healers in Colombia.  She wanted to create a space where people interested in living a more conscious and authentic life could come together.  Ambrosia’s menu is completely alcohol-free and also plant-based.  Drinks are not only delicious but are packed with health-promoting medicinal herbs. The indoor and outdoor space at Ambrosia is intended to cultivate wellness, community, creativity, and learning.


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