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Life in Recovery: Al-Anon Meetings in Cherry Hill

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These Cherry Hill Al-Anon Meetings Provide Valuable Support for Families of Addicts

One of the first things that we strongly recommend to friends and family members of the clients from Cherry Hill that come to Legacy Healing Center for treatment for alcoholism is that they consider attending Al-Anon meetings.

Going to an Al-Anon meeting will provide you with a unique understanding of the concept of addiction as a disease and put you in touch with other people that can help you begin to work through the different aspects of your recovery and understanding of this disease.

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How Al-Anon Helps Recovering Addicts Stay Sober

Do you know that there are tremendous benefits of making the consistent decision to attend Al-Anon meetings? Whether you choose to go to a meeting in Cherry Hill or you would feel comfortable attending a meeting in another town or city, you will have the opportunity to fine-tune certain tools to help every member of your family begin to recover from the impact of addiction.

Here are some examples of what you may learn as you begin to attend meetings:

A sense of community

One of the ordinary burdens that many family members feel is that they think they are alone when it comes to healing from the results of addiction. As you begin to attend more Al-Anon meetings, you will come to find that you aren’t alone and many other people feel exactly the same way as you. Even if you go to your first few meetings just to listen, you will quickly see you can make connections with other people to help you develop your understanding of this disease.

Access to resources

As you begin to attend more meetings, you will slowly start to realize the importance of classifying addiction as a disease. In many ways, this will help you communicate with your loved ones or family members with addiction. You can avoid fights or misunderstandings and focus on developing a stronger and healthier relationship with those you love and care about that also combat this condition.

Find Al-Anon Meetings in Cherry Hill

There are several Al-Anon meetings in and around the Cherry Hill area that friends and family members can attend. If you’re struggling to find meeting locations, here are some options that you can consider. Keep in mind you can always try to go to different ones until you find your home group if you don’t feel comfortable at one meeting.

Christ Our Light School Group

The Christ Our Light School group meets every Sunday at 8:15 pm. One of the top benefits of making the decision to attend this meeting is because babysitting is offered. You can bring your child with you, drop them off with the babysitter who is just in the next room and exclusively focus on yourself and your own healing due to addiction. This is an open meeting which means that anyone can attend, so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable when you arrive.

402 Kings Hwy N, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Serenity Seekers Group at Kennedy Health System

The premise of attending an Al-Anon meeting is to work toward finding serenity and overall peace in your life. The Serenity Seekers group strives to show their members how they can determine what they have control over in their life, so they don’t drive themselves crazy attempting to control everything. This meeting takes place at the Kennedy Health System every Wednesday at 7:45 pm. The room location usually changes, so be sure to ask the receptionist about the meeting location when you arrive.

2201 Chapel Ave W, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Downtown Lunchtimer’s Al-Anon Family Group at Shambhala Meditation

The Downtown Lunchtimer’s group was specifically designed for people that want to attend an Al-Anon meeting during their lunch break. This meeting is located just outside Cherry Hill in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One of the great benefits of this meeting is that it takes place Monday through Friday at 12 pm, so you can opt to attend a meeting every day during the week if you really wanted to.

2030 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

An addiction to alcohol is something you never have to fight alone. From alcohol detox or drug detox to alcohol rehab and drug rehab options, Legacy Healing Center prides itself on offering a variety of treatment plans that will suit the needs of every client that walks through our door. When you’re ready to make a permanent change in your life and remove the influence of alcohol, reach out to us at 888.534.2295.