Legacy Healing Center Life in Recovery Best Museums in Long Island to Inspire Your Recovery

Life in Recovery: Best Museums in Long Island to Inspire Your Recovery

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Recovery-Friendly Things to Do in Long Island: Fun and Interesting Museums

Working through drug rehab or alcohol rehab will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to really learn more about yourself. Many people come to find that they enjoy history or learn more about the development of different pieces of art or other scientific intricacies. The area in and around Long Island is filled with various museums that may spark your interest in something you may not have previously considered.

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Long Island Art Museums

If you prefer to explore different art pieces while you’re exploring Long Island, you are in luck. Here are some examples of a couple of the most popular art museums on Long Island:

Heckscher Museum of Art

August Heckscher originally founded the Heckscher Museum of Art in 1920. Heckscher initially donated over 100 pieces of art to the collection at this museum, with countless more pieces donated by different benefactors over the years. Other than the art collection, one of the most appealing attributes of this museum is the fact that it’s open five days a week throughout the year and admission is free.

2 Prime Ave, Huntington, NY 11743

Hofstra University Museum

The Hofstra University Museum is the proud owner of fantastic pieces of art by well-known artists such as George Grosz, Jane Peterson, and Alfred Maurer. This museum is split up between two galleries and usually takes a few hours to explore.

112 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549

Science Museum on Long Island

If you prefer to learn more about the incredible science that surrounds us on a daily basis, you may want to think about visiting one of the science museums on Long Island:

Brookhaven National Laboratory

The Brookhaven National Laboratory is popular among those who live on or visit Long Island because of its history and current events. Unlike a traditional museum, Brookhaven National Laboratory is still a fully functioning laboratory. However, it’s open to the public on certain days throughout the year and for specific events.

98 Rochester St, Upton, NY 11973

Long Island Children’s Museum

Do you have a little one that enjoys learning about science? The Long Island Children’s Museum is the perfect place to visit. The museum spans 40,000 square feet and is split between two floors. Every exhibit in this museum is designed so that children can touch and explore them.

11 Davis Ave, Garden City, NY 11530

Other Museums of Interest on Long Island

If you don’t have an interest in art or science museums, there are many other museums on Long Island that may fascinate you. You can make an adventure out of checking one of these museums:

Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County

The Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County is a touching tribute that teaches visitors about the horror that was the holocaust. The exhibits at this museum will take you through a timeline of what led up to the holocaust, times during this tragedy, and its consequences. The museum maintains hours seven days a week; however, the hours do change, so you will want to check ahead before your visit.

100 Crescent Beach Rd, Glen Cove, NY 11542


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Cradle of Aviation Museum

Do you have a fascination with aerospace? The Cradle of Aviation Museum is definitely the place for you. Countless exhibits would certainly interest any person who has dreams of soaring among the clouds. You will have the opportunity to learn about the development of aerospace as well as take a look at some of the replicas of different aircraft. With more than 60 different types of exhibits, you will want to make sure to give yourself time to truly explore the unique attributes of each model.

Charles Lindbergh Blvd, Garden City, NY 11530


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