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Life in Recovery: Famous People from Long Island

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Inspiring Celebrities Who Call Long Island Home

Although Long Island is known for its beautiful views, adorable stores, and fun activities, it is also home to several well-known celebrities, some of which have needed addiction treatment themselves. Celebrities can have an impact on your everyday life.

These people can frustrate us to no end with their views on certain aspects of the world. In turn, they can also be a great source of inspiration and people that we would like to aspire to be like, especially if they've overcome addiction treatment while in drug rehab or alcohol rehab.

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Here are some examples of people that once or currently call Long Island home:

Billy Joel

Billy Joel is a powerhouse in the music industry. He is known for great hits, including "Piano Man," "Just the Way You Are," and "She's Always a Woman." Joel has a unique vocal range in the sense that sometimes it's hard to make out his voice because it can be so different from one song to another. Although Billy Joel was born in the Bronx, he and his family were raised on Long Island. Joel still enjoys a fantastic career today and decides to tour when he can; however, he spends most of his time with his family these days.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden is arguably one of the most recognized fashion designers in the world. After being born in Queens, his family would move to Nassau County, where his passion for fashion would grow and develop. He decided to start his fashion empire with just a little over $1,000 and sell shoes from the back of his car. Unfortunately, Madden made several mistakes when it came to his financial affairs, which resulted in his incarceration for some time. Although we have not heard much from Steve Madden recently, he is still recognized as a fashion industry genius.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman's name is well-known throughout the film industry. She has played a staring role in three Star Wars movies as well as "The Other Boleyn Girl" and comedies such as "No Strings Attached." Many people don't realize that she was initially born in Jerusalem. When she and her family first came to the United States, they moved from Washington, D.C., then to Connecticut, and finally settled in Long Island. Before long, a passion for entertainment took hold of Natalie, and the rest is history.

Don Rickles


Funnyman Don Rickles was a powerhouse comedian. He made his mark in the realm of insult comedy and appeared on countless late-night television shows with his fast one-liners. He transitioned over into Hollywood and would act alongside incredible actors such as Robert De Niro and Clark Gable. Don Rickles rarely slowed down until the day that he died in 2017 and is remembered today for his unique approach to making people laugh.

Ray Romano

Ray Romano was a household name for many Americans between 1996 and 2005 when he started on the hit show "Everybody Loves Raymond." Romano would be nominated and won Emmy Awards for his role as both lead actor and producer. Although he initially thought about becoming an accountant, the comedy bug bit him, and he never looked back. Recently, he became a favorite among children when he voiced Manfred "Manny" in the cartoon movie series "Ice Age."

Victoria Gotti

Although Victoria Gotti wasn't born and raised on Long Island, she currently calls the area home. Victoria Gotti gained notoriety for being the daughter of notorious crime boss John Gotti. Although Victoria has tried to distance herself from her family's criminal history, she decided to give interested Americans an inside look at her family when she started alongside her three sons in the reality television show "Growing Up Gotti." Unfortunately, Gotti found herself in hot water when she claimed to have breast cancer, and it was later shown that she had faked her illness. Shortly after this, her reality television show was canceled. However, she has made appearances on other reality television shows, including "Celebrity Apprentice" and "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."

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