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Life in Recovery: Famous People From New York City

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Celebrities Who Are NYC Natives

New York City is the epicenter of the entertainment industry in multiple ways. If you had your eye on becoming involved in this industry, it’s not uncommon that you may have gotten caught up in the rush of excitement. Unfortunately, this could result in developing an addiction and needing drug rehab.

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When you reach out to the right people to help you overcome your addiction, however, you can work through the different factors in your life that may have led to your addiction so that you can focus on developing your own career in the entertainment industry or another field.

Not surprisingly, there are many celebrities in the entertainment industry that call New York City home, such as:

Jimmy Fallon

While many people recognize Jimmy Fallon as the host of “The Tonight Show”, Fallon first became a household name during his days on Saturday Night Live. Fallon was born in Bay Bridge and went on to attend college in Albany. From there, he would go on to make millions of people and celebrities from around the world laugh with his unique take on comedy.

Lindsay Lohan

Although Lindsay Lohan now lives overseas, she originally called New York City home. Born in the city in 1986, Lohan continued to live there until her career began to take off. Lohan has been known for years not only as a result of her movies but also for her own issues with addiction. Ultimately, in order to save her career, she was able to receive the care that she needed, which is a relief to anyone who enjoys her work.

Alicia Keys

Once you have heard the voice of Alicia Keys in one of her songs, you will not soon forget it. Alicia Keys is not only known for her vocal abilities but also her skills on the piano. As she began to develop her own talents, she realized that she also enjoyed writing music which ultimately led to incredible songs that we still enjoy today.

Jon Stewart

Over the years, Jon Stewart has come to be known as a comedic political commentator. While he has hosted a number of television shows and written and produced many other shows, you have recently heard his voice the most advocating for first responders from the September 11th terror attack. While it’s true that he is a celebrity, Stewart has done everything that he can to use his fame to help other people.

Sylvester Stallone

Many people mistakenly believe that Sylvester Stallone was from Philadelphia because they equate him with his star character, Rocky Balboa, running up the stairs from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The reality is that Stallone was born and raised in New York City. Although he truly cemented his play in pop culture, today, he lives a relatively low-key life.

Al Pacino

Al Pacino is an incredible actor who has starred in a number of films. He is most recognized for his roles in “The Godfather” and “Scarface”. Pacino has had a career in the entertainment industry for the better half of five decades and has won countless awards for his roles. His name is truly one that will go down as a fantastic talent.

Mickey Rooney

Although Mickey Rooney passed away in 2014, he once called New York City home. Born Joseph Yule, Jr., Rooney had a truly stunning career. He would partner with many of the wonderful actors and actresses that became household names during the times of vaudeville. Although Rooney was known to be short in stature, he made a big impact on films and radio.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is known for his dedication to journalism. Many people don’t know that Cooper was actually born into wealth as his mother was part of the prominent Vanderbilt family. Cooper’s mother did not allow him to take advantage of that wealth, however, and he would go on to become a household name in his own right.

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