Legacy Healing Center Life in Recovery Top Places in Cherry Hill to Get Outside and Enjoy Nature

Life in Recovery: Top Places in Cherry Hill to Get Outdoors and Enjoy Nature

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These Outdoor Activities in Cherry Hill are Great for People in Recovery

One of the aspects of sobriety that many people start to struggle with as they begin their addiction treatment is feeling as though their mind is continuously circulating with thoughts and ideas. Although some of these thoughts may be helpful to sobriety, there are several times where a thought will begin to play in your mind that may tempt you to go back to your addictive nature. As you start to become more comfortable with your sobriety, you will realize that you need to take part in activities that will help you manage these thoughts. Taking part in different outdoor activities in Cherry Hill can help you not only develop a greater appreciation for the world around you but help you to quiet certain thoughts so you can start to find a better sense of internal peace.

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Why Being in Nature is Great for Addiction Recovery

Whether you decide to stay in the Cherry Hill area to explore nature or you decide to go to one of the surrounding towns, you can rest assured that as soon as you begin to breathe in the fresh air and explore the different sites and sounds of nature, you will slowly but surely begin to unwind.

Hiking Trails In and Around Cherry Hill

Are you ready to start hiking through some of the great trails in and around the Cherry Hill area? Here are some great options:

Audubon Loop Trail

The Audubon Loop Trail is a great hiking option for people that are just starting to get into the swing of hiking. This trail is located just over the border of Pennsylvania and features a paved trail that loops 2.5 miles. It’s not uncommon for there to be an abundance of wildlife in and around this trail so you may want to keep your camera handy.

Audubon Loop Trail, Audubon, PA 19407


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Rancocas State Park Loop

When you’re ready to test your skills a bit further, you can venture out onto the Rancocas State Park Loop. This hiking trail features a 4.5-mile loop that is ideal for hikers of any age. The trail runs along a river which adds to the peaceful ambiance of this location.

Powhatan Indian Reservation Drive, Hainesport, New Jersey 08036

Biking Trails In and Around Cherry Hill

Is getting on the back of a bicycle more your speed? Try out these great trails:

Tyler State Park Trail

The Tyler State Park Trail spans 7.4 miles and is designed for bikers of all experience levels. This trail is located just over the border into Pennsylvania.

Tyler State Park Newtown, PA 18940

Blueberry Hill Trail

The Blueberry Hill Trail features a short biking trail. It’s a great option for a quick weekend excursion or a workout early in the morning or at the end of your day.

Gibbsboro, New Jersey 08026


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Best Parks in Cherry Hill

Going to a park during the day is a great way to destress or to reconnect with friends or family members. A couple of popular options for parks in and around the Cherry Hill area include:

Challenge Grove Park

Challenge Grove Park is one of the best parks to visit in the Cherry Hill area because of the great playground. The play area features a variety of fun jungle gyms and toys that a child of any age is sure to enjoy which makes it a great place to visit with the family.

101 Bortons Mill Road, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034


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Cooper River Park

One of the reasons why Cooper River Park is so popular is because of the abundance of activities that the park has to offer. From boating to walking trails to playgrounds, this site offers a little bit of everything.

510 Park Blvd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002


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Places to Go Kayaking In and
Around Cherry Hill

Do you prefer to spend your time relaxing on the water in a kayak? There are a handful of places that you should consider trying:

Delaware River

The entrance to the Delaware River is conveniently located in Riverton. Visitors to this location can bring their kayak along on a sunny day and enjoy the calm and even flow of the Delaware River seemingly any time of the year.

Linden Ave and Bank Ave, Riverton, New Jersey 08077


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Harvey Cedars Marina

Harvey Cedars Marina not only provides guests with kayak rentals but also supplies quick and easy access to the water. Although this location is a bit of a drive from Cherry Hill, it’s well worth it when you have the chance to explore this unique section of New Jersey.

6318 Long Beach Blvd., Harvey Cedars, New Jersey 08008

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