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Life in Recovery: Visit These NYC Based Personal Trainers & Gyms to Kick Your Fitness Into Higher Gear

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Why Fitness Is Important to Recovery

When you are in the process of putting together a plan for your alcohol rehab or drug rehab program, there are several things that you should take into consideration. First and foremost, you need to think about your mental health.

More often than not, there are usually many underlying issues that may have contributed to your addiction, including past traumas. When you are working through these different components, you should also prioritize your physical fitness. Taking the time to work out and kick your physical health into high gear can go a long way in reaching your overall recovery goals.

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Benefits of Working Out & Its Relation to Sobriety

The benefits associated with working out to maintain your physical health are endless. When you incorporate working out into your plan to remain sober, you only improve the likelihood that you will keep your sobriety when you return home after drug rehab.

Working out regularly can help improve your physical health, but it can help you meet new people that can help you remain focused on your goals. When you decide to take a group class or work out with a personal trainer, you never know the conversations you may get into. You may find that you can develop a relationship with someone that may only help you aid in your recovery.

Try These NYC Fitness Centers

Multiple fitness centers throughout the New York City area can help you focus on getting in better shape. Whether you would prefer to work out with a trainer or develop your own exercise plan, any of these excellent New York City fitness centers can help you meet your physical health goals.

24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness is one of the most popular gyms in the city. The reason why is in its name. Do you prefer to work out in the early morning hours because you have other personal or professional responsibilities that you need to see during the day? Perhaps you feel more comfortable working out late at night before you go to bed. Whatever your preference is, 24 Hour Fitness gives you the flexibility to work out 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

8002 Kew Gardens Rd, Queens, NY 11415


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Mark Fisher Fitness

Mark Fisher Fitness is known for its experienced team of trainers. Whether you decide to take a group class or sign up for a one-on-one training session, you can rest assured that you will get the direction you need for a successful workout. The class schedule does change on a daily basis, so it’s recommended that you check their website and register for a class ahead of time.

411 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018

Throwback Fitness

Throwback Fitness takes a unique approach to physical fitness. The owners of this gym off group classes throughout the week and incorporate different retro aspects of pop culture. The trainers from this gym are known as being approachable, which means that you will get more bang for your buck when it comes to your workout. If there is something that makes you feel uncomfortable, you are encouraged to talk to one of the trainers to adjust the exercise.

230 W. 39th Street, New York, New York 10018


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Silver Stars Fitness

Silver Stars Fitness caters explicitly to clients that are over the age of 50. It’s not uncommon for a person over the age of 50 to feel uncomfortable walking into one of the commercial gyms. Not only will the Silver Stars Fitness help you get into better shape, but they can also assist you in losing weight while still receiving the personalized attention that you need to meet your fitness goals.

850 7th Avenue, Suite 350, New York, New York 10019


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The Legacy Healing Center team understands the tremendous benefits associated with including exercise in your treatment plan. This is one of the reasons why we allow you to start working out with one of our personal trainers during your alcohol rehab or drug rehab program. When you would like to learn more about our addiction treatment program options for New York residents, we recommend that you reach out to one of our recovery specialists. They will be able to answer any of your questions and help set you up with a treatment plan framework. Please reach out to us today at 888.534.2295 or contact our admissions team.