What Is Rehab Like Near Boca Raton

What do you do during rehab?

Have you been considering enrolling in a rehab program and are curious about what everyday life is like in a treatment facility? Addiction recovery rehab is where an individual can begin their journey back to wellness. Our rehab facility provides the individual with comprehensive, client-centered treatment programs that help heal from substance abuse and create a sober and stable lifestyle.

Before inpatient rehab treatment at Legacy Healing Center, you will be given a physical and psychological examination and assessment that will determine which treatments you will receive.

Treatment programs are uniquely designed to holistically address an individual’s needs and challenges, and can include:

      • -The severity and longevity of the addiction
      • -Co-occurring mental disorders such as PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, ADHD, etc.
      • -Noncompliance to treatment
      • -Multiple relapses
      • -Social, family, and other problems affecting the individual

Once a treatment program protocol is in place, you may undergo a medically supervised detox to remove all offending substances from your body. Our medical team will monitor you 24/7 throughout the detox process to assure that you are stable and safe. Our team also addresses any withdrawal symptoms that you might experience and will work to keep you as comfortable as possible. Most withdrawal symptoms usually abate in about 7 to 10 days, but some can last longer.

Once the detox process is successfully completed, it is time to move forward onto other treatments, which can include:

      • -Individual Therapy
      • -Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
      • -Motivation Enhancement Therapy
      • -Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
      • -Relapse Prevention
      • -Medication-assisted Therapy
      • -12-step Program
      • -Family Dynamics
      • -Support Group Participation
      • -Aftercare Services

What Does the Average Day Look Like While in Rehab?

Residents at Legacy Healing Center will rise early and get ready for the day. After a nutritious breakfast, you will begin receiving counseling and therapy sessions and may have an exercise or meditation activity planned. After lunch, additional counseling sessions will commence with possible extracurricular activities until dinnertime.

After dinner, there may be a support group meeting and also free time to relax or join in activities with other people. Depending on the rehab program and how far into the program you have progressed, you may have additional free –time during the weekend to explore around the city.

Legacy Healing Center offers individuals a safe and nurturing environment where they can focus on their recovery without outside distractions or interference. Individuals receive on-going support and encouragement throughout their stay, from our friendly, caring staff of professionals.

What Type of Therapy Happens at Rehab?

All counseling and therapies at Legacy Healing Center are designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of the individual. Some of these programs can include: 

      • – Cognitive-behavioral therapy, which works by identifying and changing destructive thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, and replacing them with positive, healthy alternatives. This type of therapy improves emotional regulation by developing coping strategies that address problems in a healthy, realistic way.
        The individual learns to identify cognitive distortions in his thoughts and behavior that sabotage him. Once he is aware of these distortions, he is able to begin the process of replacing them with the appropriate information. As the individual’s mindset changes for the better, he will be able to conduct himself in a proper and healthy manner.
      • – Motivational Enhancement Therapy helps the individual commit to their treatment program to end substance abuse. This is a rapidly evolving type of therapy that begins with an initial assessment, followed by discussions about substance abuse that promote self-motivational statements. The motivational enhancement also helps the individual improve his engagement in the recovery process, and address and change destructive behaviors that lead to substance abuse.

Family Dynamics is a therapy designed to heal and unify the family. The family can consist of blood relatives, or include others that the individual is close to. The counselor will review the individual’s addiction history and the impact that the addiction has made on the family members. Each family member receives addiction and recovery information that will assist in helping the individual progress in his recovery.
Enabling behaviors are discussed to show why this is not the way to help the individual recover from substance abuse. Other issues are discussed, such as parenting, work, school, responsibilities, finances, health problems, etc.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a wonderful program that gives the individual a chance to socialize with his peers and together discuss the many challenges that they face. These sessions provide a safe-haven of mutual support and encouragement among the group, where individuals can share tips and information that help them cope with specific problems.

During group therapy, the counselor chooses a topic for discussion at each session, such as guilt, trust, etc. Participants of the group discuss how the topic relates to them in positive or negative ways. The focus is on how the individual has been impacted by each topic because of substance abuse, and what he can do to justify his situation.

Addiction itself is not used as a topic because it is viewed as a symptom of an underlying thought and belief system that compels addictive behavior. Group therapy focuses more on restructuring a faulty thought and behavior system that promotes addiction. As the individual removes destructive thought and behavior patterns, he will become more empowered to lead a sober and satisfying life.

One on One Therapy

Individual counseling pairs the individual one-on-one with a counselor to discuss deep-seated issues that may have led to substance abuse and destructive behaviors. Some of the issues that are discussed can include: life challenges, beliefs, childhood traumas, feelings, behavior problems, mental health problems, etc.

One-on-one counseling offers the individual a chance to discuss things openly, honestly, and confidentially, with a trained therapist. The therapist will help the individual address life issues that are crucial to his recovery. The individual will also learn coping skills that will help him handle stressful situations and toxic people, without resorting to using drugs or alcohol again.

Sober Friendly Attractions near Boca Raton

After completing any addiction recovery treatment program, its important to stay active and engaged. Finding sober-friendly activities to do in recovery can help you stay on track. Fortunately for those residing in Boca Raton, there are many sober-friendly things to do including:

There are so many nature-filled options and exciting events and attractions near Boca Raton, giving you plenty of options for exploration during your free/personal time at rehab. Discover which one of Legacy Healing Center’s treatment programs is right for you by reaching out to an addiction specialist today – call us at

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Absolutely beautiful! Staff is so caring and welcoming. Highly recommend to anyone who is struggling and looking to heal. This is the place for you!

Jacqueline C.

Honestly, it's not what you imagine when thinking "detox." Legacy made my experience so comfortable from beds, food, staff and such a clean facility. Besides all that they literally gave me life back. Forever thankful.

Avi S.

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