Prescription Drug Rehab For Brooklyn, NY Residents

RX Rehab for Brooklyn, NY Residents

Over the years, there has been a steady rise in the rate of prescription drug addiction. If you find yourself struggling with addiction, you must reach out to a treatment facility that can provide you with the support that you need to overcome your addiction so that you can go on to live a healthier life. The Legacy Healing Center team in Brooklyn is here and ready to help you take those critical first steps toward recovery.


Understanding Signs of RX Addiction

If you suspect that a loved one is grappling with addiction or you are concerned about your own behaviors, there are certain signs that you may want to be on the lookout for. For example, if you notice that a loved one has suddenly become anti-social or vigorously defending their prescription drug consumption. That may be a sign that something more is going on. Keep in mind that if you reach out to one of our recovery specialists, we will be able to speak to you further about your concerns.


How to Detox From Opioids?

First and foremost, you must never try to go through the detox process unless you are under the care of a staff of trained medical professionals since the withdrawal symptoms you will likely feel may render you unable to take care of yourself. Withdrawal symptoms typically set in within a few hours from the last time you consumed an opioid. Many clients complain that they feel as though they have a terrible case of the flu. However, your symptoms could become so severe that they could be potentially life-threatening, which is why detox is never something you should attempt on your own. 

Why RX Addiction Is on the Rise

Unfortunately, in many cases, an addiction to prescription medication can begin quite innocently. For instance, if you are involved in a car accident or if you have a tooth pulled, your doctor may prescribe you something to help your body relax so that it can begin to heal. The problem comes when your intake of a prescription drug goes unchecked. From there, you may turn to illegal methods to try to obtain your drug of choice. Prescription medications have become readily available through street dealers, which only contributes to the continued rise in addiction. 

The Most Abused RX Medications 

The most abused prescription medications generally fall into several categories, including depressants, opioids, and stimulants. If you are having issues sleeping, for example, your doctor may write you a prescription for Ambien. While it’s true that this medication can help to put you to sleep, it is not supposed to be taken for an extended period. It is only supposed to be used to help your body regain a regular sleep pattern. 

While it’s true that if you are struggling with depression or ADHD, you may need to be on a particular medication for an extended period. The problem develops when that prescription consumption goes unchecked.

Dangers of RX Addiction 

Without question, the leading danger of prescription drug addiction is an overdose. Sadly, accidental overdose can happen quite quickly because you lose track of the amount of a specific prescription drug you consumed. The scary aspect of overdose is that it does not necessarily mean that it will result in death. You could sustain serious physical or psychological damage as a result of an overdose. 

One of the other sad dangers of prescription drug addiction is that it can take you away from the friends and family you once held dear. Instead of interacting with these people regularly, they may begin to shy away from you, or you may grow away from them due to your addiction. This consequence can make you feel even more depressed and alone. 

Sober Friendly Attractions Near Brooklyn 

When you are free of the confines of addiction, it’s understandable that you may want to explore the different sober friendly attractions that are located in and around the Brooklyn area. Although we will always encourage you to take this step, you must do so only after you have a plan to help you maintain your sobriety. For example, we will strongly recommend that you locate and attend 12-step meetings in your area so that you can work on developing a system of support now that you are home. Once you make these connections, you can begin to make plans to visit some of these sites either by yourself or with your friends and family members. 

Luna Park

Luna Park is one of the most popular places to visit in Brooklyn. Located on Coney Island, this amusement park has attractions for all age groups. Whether you want to feel the thriller of zooming around on a roller coaster or a carousel is more your speed, you are sure to find something that you enjoy. Make sure to take a break and enjoy some delicious food and other carnival-like attractions located throughout the park. 

1205 Riegelmann Boardwalk, Brooklyn, NY 11224 

McCarren Park

McCarren Park is a beautiful park located in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. During the warm months, visitors to this location can enjoy a swim in the pool or participate in a game of soccer or handball. If you aren’t interested in a recreational activity, you can simply pack a picnic and take a blanket and relish in the warm air. The park is open to the public seven days a week between 6 AM and 1 AM. 

776 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222 

Dekalb Market Hall

Dekalb Market Hall is definitely the place to visit if you consider yourself to be a foodie. This location boasts over 40 different options for food vendors, which means that you are sure to find something that suits your unique taste here. One of the best features about this location is that it opens as early as 7 AM and is open until at least 10 PM or 12 AM depending on the day, which means that you can appease your food craving nearly any time of day. 

445 Albee Square W, Brooklyn, NY 11201  

An addiction to prescription medication is something that you can overcome with the proper assistance. The Legacy Healing team in South Florida has the understanding and training that will help you to accomplish your sobriety goals. When you are ready to take the first step toward a new life, please contact us. We look forward to helping you through this critical time in your life.

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Absolutely beautiful! Staff is so caring and welcoming. Highly recommend to anyone who is struggling and looking to heal. This is the place for you!

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Honestly, it's not what you imagine when thinking "detox." Legacy made my experience so comfortable from beds, food, staff and such a clean facility. Besides all that they literally gave me life back. Forever thankful.

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