Sober Friendly Businesses And Things To Do In Delray Beach

Recovery Friendly Things to Do in Delray Beach

A critical part of your overall recovery is finding things to do during your downtime that do not lead you down a path of temptation. While we always recommend that you take the time on a consistent, if not daily, basis to go to meetings, you should also find sober friendly things to do around Delray Beach that will not make you feel as though you are jeopardizing your recovery work.  

Things to Do in Delray That Don’t Involve Alcohol

When you have spent any part of your life with an addiction to alcohol, it’s easy to forget that there are numerous things that you can do that do not involve consuming alcohol. It’s perfectly legal to buy alcohol at almost any point in the day. You can wake up and head off to a liquor store as early as 9 AM in many cases and in the blink of an eye, your day has been spent drinking.  

When you are ready to leave the influence of alcohol in your past, there are plenty of things that you can do with your day that don’t involve alcohol. During active addiction, it is no surprise that your relationship with your family may suffer. Therefore, one of the things that you may want to consider would be to organize a family-friendly activity. Reach out to different family members and get their insight as to how they would like to spend their day. From there, you can start to put together a plan to spend the day with them that will help you reconnect.   

Go Hiking and Explore These Trails in Delray Beach

Did you know that getting some fresh air and exploring the great outdoors is an excellent way to relax and relieve stress? This is often why a person in recovery turns to outdoor adventures while they are working through their program. If you are looking for different hiking trails in the Delray Beach area, here are a few possibilities 


Delray Oaks Natural Area

Delray Oaks Natural Area is an excellent choice if you are interested in moving around and getting easy exercise. This area features trails: the Live Oak Trail and the Beautyberry Trail. The Live Oak Trail is a little over a quarter of a mile long and is paved while the Beautyberry Trail is 0.20 miles is sandy. As you walk along the trails you will undoubtedly notice the abundance of animals and floral beauty along the path.  

2021 SW 29th Street, Delray Beach, Florida 33445


The Wakodahatchee Wetlands

The Wakodahatchee Wetlands provides visitors with a great variety of outdoor adventures including a three-quarter-mile boardwalk a nature center as well as jogging and walking trails. This location is also pet-friendly so if you feel like bringing your furry friend with you, feel free. The Wakodahatchee Wetlands are open every day between 6:30 AM and 7:30 PM.  

13270 Jog Road, Delray Beach, Florida 33446

Volunteer Opportunities in Delray Beach

Volunteering is a great way to involve yourself in different positive elements of your community. It is always a wonderful way for you to share your story of recovery. During your time volunteering, you may meet people that are struggling with active addiction. Similar to sharing your experiences in a 12-step meeting, you may have the ability to touch the life of a person that you are helping while you are volunteering.  


Habitat for Humanity

One of the most popular places to volunteer in Delray Beach is Habitat for Humanity. Originally founded in 1976, volunteers from Habitat for Humanity travel in and around Delray Beach building houses for low-income families. To date, the organization has helped 22,000,000 people around the world. You do not need to have any prior construction experience to volunteer. All you need to do is having a willingness to help and an open heart.  

181 SE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33483


CROS Ministries Delray Beach Food Pantry

Another organization that is always asking for volunteers is CROS Ministries. Over the past 42 years, this incredible association has helped to feed, shelter, and clothe any person in Delray Beach that is in need of assistance. Their website continuously lists the volunteers that are urgently needed to fill roles primarily in their warehouse or food pantry.  

2677 23rd Avenue South, #B-101, Lake Worth, Florida 33461

Art Centers in Delray Beach

If you are trying to learn more about your likes and dislikes, a great option to explore your artistic side by visiting some of the local art centers in the area.  


Arts Warehouse

Arts Warehouse calls itself an “arts incubator”.  It offers studio space for artists and also holds gallery exhibitions, visual arts workshops, professional development opportunities, talks, and special events.

313 NE 3rd St, Delray Beach, FL 33444


Sundook Fine Art Galleries

Sundook Fine Art Galleries is another example of a location that is filled with thought-provoking art. There are numerous pieces from multiple artists that are displayed at this gallery throughout the year.  

524 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33483


The professionals at the Legacy Healing Center are always here to provide you with the support and encouragement you need during any aspect of your recovery. We understand the struggles that are often associated with recovery. Our team is always happy to provide you insight or a friendly ear if you find that you need more help along your path toward sobriety.  

We encourage you to reach out to one of our intake specialists today to learn more about our facility and how we can help you. Please call (888) 534-2295.  



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