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Substance Abuse and Addiction in Jacksonville

Duval County is a part of the North Florida HIDTA (high-intensity drug trafficking area). As a center for entertainment and nightlife in the region, Jacksonville is a hotspot for the abuse of alcohol, addictive prescription drugs, cocaine, meth, and heroin.

Jacksonville is the largest city in Duval County. In the year 2016, a higher percentage of adults in the city participated in binge drinking than the state average. The use of marijuana is higher in Jacksonville than the rest of the state, as well. About 12 people die of a drug overdose in Jacksonville each day. It’s a shocking number, especially when you realize that these are people who didn’t intend to overdose. Overdosing is a risk that people take when they use drugs.

These are preventable deaths. If you abuse drugs or frequently binge on alcohol, you should consider quitting. While quitting on your own may seem doable, it’s important to realize such attempts are rarely successful. Quitting a drug or alcohol habit is the hardest thing that you are likely to ever need to try in life.

For those looking to quit abusing substances and are interested in a treatment facility a cut above the rest, taking up the effort at a luxury rehab with professional assistance is the way to proceed. At luxury rehab, you can expect spa-like amenities and the very best in staff and treatment methods.

Who is luxury rehab for?

Luxury rehabs take a different approach than traditional rehab centers. At a luxury rehab, the guiding philosophy is that quitting addiction is hard enough as it is; it is the job of the rehab center to make the process as peaceful as possible through providing every physical comfort and amenity.

When you are beset with withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, tremors, gastrointestinal discomfort and anxiety, the idea of soothing it all with a beautiful view, gourmet meals, a comfortable bed, and many other comforts, can take the mind off the challenging circumstances on hand, and help make the process more tolerable.

Luxury rehab is about more than just wonderful surroundings and appetizing meals, however. Rehabs of this kind offer greater access to professional staff. With more well-trained staff members available for caregiving at any given time, the outcomes tend to be far more encouraging. These staff members have more time to offer personal aid and comfort to every patient, calm their minds when they are anxious, and bring greater certainty, mental ease, and confidence into the process. The job of the patient is simply to focus on getting better, with the knowledge that they have the advantage of professional care dedicated to helping them do just that.

Luxury rehabs first gained popularity in the 80s. Back then, it was usually well-known socialites and celebrities who chose to go there – they would be mobbed by fans and paparazzi if they went anywhere else. With time, however, people realized that luxury rehabs had a great deal to offer to regular people, as well.

Marketplace insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act do cover inpatient rehab, and can help offset the cost of care at a luxury rehab. When a patient chooses a luxury rehab, they usually need to pay the difference, themselves. Getting insurance right before you check into luxury rehab can be a way to make rehab more affordable, though. Insurance providers aren’t allowed to reject pre-existing conditions, after all.

Do luxury rehab centers have private rooms?

A great deal of emotional healing goes into recovering from addiction. At many traditional rehab facilities, you would usually need to share a room with another patient through this difficult time. The lack of privacy can be an additional and unnecessary burden. Luxury rehabs offer patients an alternative by making private rooms available to them. When the pressures of quitting addiction get to be too much, a private room can be a sanctuary to retire to, to heal in, and to gather your thoughts in. A beautiful, peaceful corner to call home for the entire duration of the treatment process can make it that much more enjoyable.

Sometimes, patients at luxury rehabs tend to believe that getting their own private rooms gives them the freedom to pick and choose what treatment rules to observe, and what to reject. The truth is, however, that luxury, in the context of rehab, only delivers privacy, next-level amenities, and comfort. Since you’re there to overcome an addiction, you do need to observe bedtimes, socialization times, attend every treatment session, and, in general, follow the rules.

Do luxury rehabs have on-site chefs?

Luxury rehab programs aim to offer patients pleasant distractions of different kinds to help keep their minds off the challenges and difficulties that they must face each day, getting better. On-site chefs are one of those offerings. At Legacy Healing Center, we believe in healing from the inside out, and nutrition is part of that. Our on-site chefs prepare daily meals that are nutritious, as well as exciting.

Mealtimes can become the highlight of your days, and make addiction recovery enjoyable. Eating well is an important part of recovery, as well. Substance abuse often leads to poor nutrition, something that makes recovery difficult. When there is great, delicious food on offer, it can only help you get healthier more quickly.

Do luxury rehabs offer personal trainers?

The process of breaking free from addiction can be a stressful one. This makes exercise highly relevant to the rehab process. A great exercise program can help lower stress, help you sleep better, stabilize your brain’s chemical balance, improve your mood, and simply give you something positive and productive to occupy your mind with, at a time it could otherwise busy itself thinking about the temptations of drug use.

Luxury rehabs pay a great deal of attention to helping patients involve themselves in physical workouts. With personal trainers on the job, you’re able to take advantage of training programs designed specifically for you. Your motivation can benefit from having a personal trainer encourage you, as well. The engagement and involvement that having a personal trainer can bring to your exercise routine can make your time working out that much more rewarding.

Sober-friendly attractions near Jacksonville

After completing treatment, no matter where you go, it is important to find sober-friendly activities and places to go that will help you stay active and engage in your recovery. Fortunately for Jacksonville residents, there is an abundance of sober-friendly options.

Adventure Landing, in Jacksonville, is a great place for go-karting, for laser tag battles, water adventures, roller coasters, and miniature golf. The Flight Fit N Fun theme park offers thousands of square feet of trampolines and other great attractions. The beautiful beaches and endless parks are always a great option to get outside and enjoy sober living.

When you’ve completed treatment, these, and other destinations for healthy fun can be wonderful to look forward to.

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Absolutely beautiful! Staff is so caring and welcoming. Highly recommend to anyone who is struggling and looking to heal. This is the place for you!

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Honestly, it's not what you imagine when thinking "detox." Legacy made my experience so comfortable from beds, food, staff and such a clean facility. Besides all that they literally gave me life back. Forever thankful.

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