Opioid Rehab for Residents of Long Island

Opioid Epidemic

Although opioids have been in existence in some shape or form for thousands of years, it was not until recently that the medical community understood the full grasp of the strength of addictive qualities of opioids. The early 1990s saw the opioid epidemic’s initial wave, with thousands of people dying due to an overdose, which has continued to worsen over the years.

History of Opioid Addiction

Opioids made their way to the United States in 1775 and were mainly used recreationally until the Civil War when battlefield doctors began to use morphine to help wounded soldiers.

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n the early 1900s, doctors began to realize the addictive aspects of opioids, and in 1914, the American government looked to put restrictions on the use of opioids. However, by the 1980s and 1990s, doctors began to prescribe opioids once again specifically to help alleviate pain in their patients. Unfortunately, this triggered the opioid epidemic that arose in the 1990s.

How to Detox From Opioids

If you are still in active addiction when you initially reach out to Legacy, we strongly encourage you first to take advantage of our detox program before you make plans to enroll in a treatment plan. Sadly, many people underestimate the impact that detoxing from opioids will have on you physically and psychologically. Symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal can be severe and potentially deadly, so it is never advisable that you attempt to detox from opioids unless you are under the care of an experienced professional.

When you reach out to one of our intake specialists and are still in active addiction, they can provide you with more information about our detox program.

What Opioid Rehab Is Like

One of the leading reasons clients trust Legacy Healing Center in South Florida for treatment is the personalized approach we take with every person. You will work closely with a member of our team to develop a program that suits your needs and meets your recovery goals. As a result, your experience during treatment may be slightly different than another person.

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.

Regardless of your treatment plan, however, every client will still participate in certain forms of therapy and activities that will help you understand what led you to turn to opioids and how you can maintain your sobriety. We utilize individual, group, family, and behavioral therapy to help you work your way through your addiction. You will also participate in various activities that will help you heal physically and spiritually, which is a critical aspect of your overall recovery.

How Long Does Rehab Last

The length of your time at our treatment facility remains a personal one. There are many factors you need to take into consideration. However, you should always put your recovery first, which is why we recommend that you decide the length of your program with a member of our team. We offer treatment plans that last as little as 30 days and up to 90 days.

Sober Friendly Attractions Near Long Island

When you return home to Long Island after rehab at Legacy in South Florida, you must make a concerted effort to steer away from any temptation that may jeopardize your newfound sobriety. While you should always dedicate time to attending regular 12-step meetings, we strongly recommend you take the time to visit some of the sober friendly attractions spread throughout Long Island.

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.

These activities will give you an excellent chance to explore different locations and learn more about things that you may not have realized that you like during the time you were in active addiction.

Old Westbury Gardens

A visit to the Old Westbury Gardens will make you feel like you are taking a step back into the early 1900s. The mansion itself was built for John S. Phipps and his family in 1906. The development of the property included not only making the mansion but an addition to formal gardens as well as human-made ponds and lakes. Today, Westbury Gardens is open to the public for tours of the property. This venue also hosts a variety of children and family programs and classic car shows and concerts during the summer months.

Old Westbury Gardens is located at 71 Old Westbury Road, Old Westbury, New York 11568.

Long Island Game Farm

If you plan to explore Long Island with children, you should add the Long Island Game Farm on your list of places to visit. This attraction is Long Island’s biggest children’s zoo and allows visitors to hand feed the assortment of animals on the property. The venue also maintains an animal nursery where you can visit and interact with the growing wildlife.

You can visit the Long Island Game Farm 489 Chapman Boulevard, Manorville, New York 11949.

Long Island Children’s Museum

Another family-friendly place to visit is the Long Island Children’s Museum. This museum has 14 exhibits that children can touch and play with as they explore different property aspects. The building was originally an airplane hanger, so little ones have an abundance of room to run and interact with the exhibits and other children. The museum is open every day, except for Monday between 10 AM and 5 PM.

The Long Island Children’s Museum is located at 11 Davis Avenue, Garden City, New York 11530.

Although it will take work and dedication to overcome an addiction to opioids, with the Legacy Healing Center team’s help, lifelong sobriety is always possible. The first step you need to take is to reach out to one of our intake specialists to enroll in one of our treatment programs. They can provide you with more insight regarding what you will expect when you come to Legacy. We encourage you to take the opportunity to ask as many questions as you have so that you don’t have any hesitation in coming to Legacy for treatment. Please reach out to us today at (888) 534-2295.

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Absolutely beautiful! Staff is so caring and welcoming. Highly recommend to anyone who is struggling and looking to heal. This is the place for you!

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Honestly, it's not what you imagine when thinking "detox." Legacy made my experience so comfortable from beds, food, staff and such a clean facility. Besides all that they literally gave me life back. Forever thankful.

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