Luxury Rehab for Manhattan Residents

What Is Luxury Rehab?

There is a common stigma that is usually associated with addiction treatment centers. When many people think of these facilities, they typically imagine a place that looks like a hospital with lockdown units and more walls than windows. However, at Legacy Healing Center in South Florida, we believe that this type of setting is not conducive to recovery, which is why we developed our luxury treatment facility.

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Luxury rehab entails the same proven and effective rehab therapies as traditional treatment, but with many more amenities to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible during residential treatment.

Who Is Luxury Rehab For?

Are you struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol? Have you realized that you need a higher level of help to overcome your addiction? Are you ready to commit yourself to a treatment plan? Do you consider comfort as an essential part of rehab treatment? If the answer is yes to all of those questions, you will be the perfect candidate for our luxury rehab.

Do Luxury Rehab Centers Have Private Rooms?

We understand that privacy is important to every client that comes to Legacy. Although we do not offer the option of having a private room while you are at our facility, you can rest assured that you will undoubtedly have downtime where you can be alone during the day. You will have plenty of time between therapy sessions or activities to be by yourself to go over the things you heard during the day or take a deep breath and relax. Keep in mind, however, that interacting with other clients at Legacy is an essential part of your overall recovery. Participating in different activities or talking with your roommate is ideal for developing your own support system.

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.


Do Luxury Rehabs Have On-Site Chefs?

You can rest assured that you will never go hungry when you come to Legacy. We employ top-of-the-line chefs that provide a delicious and healthy menu to our clients every day. However, if you have a food allergy, we highly recommend you let one of our intake specialists know when you first call in. Additionally, please make sure that you mention this again to our team when you arrive at our facility.

Do Luxury Rehabs Offer Personal Trainers?

At Legacy, we take a holistic approach to recovery. We believe that you must be healthy in mind, body, and spirit to overcome your addiction. Exercise can be beneficial to your recovery in more ways than one. First and foremost, exercise produces endorphins that can reduce stress and anxiety and make you feel generally happier. Additionally, when you feel better about yourself physically, there is an increased chance that you will be able to better focus on your emotional addiction recovery. If you need help with the best workout techniques to use, you can always exercise with one of our personal trainers.

Call Legacy Healing Center 24/7 to speak with an intake specialist. Calls are completely confidential.


Sober Friendly Attractions Near Manhattan

There is seemingly always something to do in and around the Manhattan area. However, you may not notice all the incredible venues that Manhattan has to offer when you are amid addiction. Once you return home from treatment at Legacy in South Florida and establish a regular pattern of attending 12-step meetings, you should try to expand your horizons and visit some of the sober friendly attractions throughout Manhattan. Remember, if you don’t feel comfortable venturing out on your own yet, you can always invite a sober friend or family member to come with you.

Empire State Building

One of the most recognizable buildings across the Manhattan skyline is the Empire State Building. Construction on the building took place between 1930 and 1931 and was the inspiration for the nickname for the state of New York. The building was deemed a National Historic Landmark in 1986. Today, you can visit the Empire State Building and travel up to the observation deck to see an incredible view of Manhattan. To ensure that you can fully enjoy the visit to The Empire State Building, it’s recommended that you purchase tickets ahead of time.

The Empire State Building is located at 20 W 34th Street, New York, NY 10001.

Children’s Museum of Manhattan

If you happen to be exploring the Manhattan area with children, you may want to consider a trip to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. The museum features a delightful array of exhibits that children of all ages can touch and different educational programs that take place throughout the year. There are dozens of delicious places to eat around the museum, so you can plan to make a full day out of going to this venue and enjoying a nice family meal afterward. The museum is usually open between Wednesday and Sunday between 10 AM and 5 PM.

You can visit the Children’s Museum of Manhattan at 212 W. 83rd Street, New York, NY 10024.

Grant’s Tomb

Ulysses S. Grant is a well-known figured in American history. He served as a Union leader during the Civil War and would accept General Lee’s surrender at the Appomattox Court House, thereby ending the war. Grant was elected to serve as the 18th president of the United States and would serve two terms. When he passed away from throat cancer in 1885, he was laid to rest in what is now known as Grant’s Tomb. Visitors to this location can learn more about the man who was undoubtedly an influential leader during a tremulous time in our nation’s history.

Grant’s Tomb is located at W. 122nd Street & Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10027.

When you come to Legacy Healing Center for treatment, you can rest assured that our team will do everything that they can to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed during your time at our facility. If there is anything that we can do to make your stay better, we will always assist. When you are ready to begin your recovery, please reach out to one of our intake specialists. They can help you start to enroll in one of our programs and provide you with additional information about luxury accommodations. Call us today at (888) 534-2295.

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Absolutely beautiful! Staff is so caring and welcoming. Highly recommend to anyone who is struggling and looking to heal. This is the place for you!

Jacqueline C.

Honestly, it's not what you imagine when thinking "detox." Legacy made my experience so comfortable from beds, food, staff and such a clean facility. Besides all that they literally gave me life back. Forever thankful.

Avi S.

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