Faith Based Drug Rehab For Miami Residents

Using Faith During Drug Rehab

Are you or is someone you love considering getting addiction treatment at a faith-based drug rehab? If faith and spirituality are important in your life, you might be wondering how why a faith-based program would be more beneficial to you than a traditional one. When you entire into an alcohol or drug addiction treatment program that incorporates faith, you receive the protocols and treatments you need while also maintaining that connection with your higher power. These types of treatment programs are designed in a way that allows you to get the rehabilitation you need while also growing your faith during treatment.

With the Pew Research Center estimating that more than 70% of Americans identify as religious, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimating more than 23 million Americans are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, it is easy to see why faith-based programs are needed.

When you enter into a faith-based drug rehab, such as the program at Legacy Healing Center Miami, you will receive standard treatment methods such as a medically assisted detox (if necessary), behavioral therapy sessions, counseling, and nutrition and fitness programs, in addition to having your spiritual needs met. This may look different depending on the addiction treatment center you choose but it might incorporate worship, prayer time, conversations with spiritual advisors or pastors, and attending religious services of your choice.

At Legacy Healing Center, we understand that people who practice faith often wrestle with their addiction and the faith element. Our mission is to provide you with the addiction treatment you need while also taping into your spiritual side and providing ways for spiritual growth to occur throughout the program.

Christian Drug Rehab

Attending a faith-based drug rehab is the ideal option for anyone struggling with addiction but who wants their faith life to be incorporated into their treatment plan. Detox and rehabilitation is not an overnight endeavor. In fact, program lengths can range anywhere from 30 to 60 days, to 90 days or even a year or longer. Being a part of a Christian drug rehab where one’s faith is encouraged to grow on a daily basis can prove to be an extra source of encouragement and support throughout treatment.

While each Christian drug rehab program is different, it isn’t uncommon to see some of the following elements used in treatment, including being able to attend Bible studies or religious services, attending worship opportunities, having daily prayer time, and joining a group or one-on-one sessions with Christian therapists and counselors.

If taking part in a faith-based rehabilitation and/or detox program sounds like the right opportunity for you, reach out to Legacy Healing Center to learn more about our faith-based drug rehab.

How Are Faith Based Rehabs Different?

Have you ever wondered how faith based rehabs are different? If spirituality is a major element in your life, you will want to know what sets a faith based drug rehab apart from a traditional rehab. In many cases, drug and alcohol treatment centers will have both options available, but in the faith-based option, patients will have a treatment plan created for them that incorporates their religious principles and a Christ-centered approach.

When someone is suffering from substance abuse, fear, isolation, and secrecy can become a part of their daily life. Often times, people who practice faith experience even more intense feelings of shame and secrecy for fear of judgment from those around them, and they may worry about how the addiction is affecting their relationship with their creator.

When someone enters into a faith-based drug rehab, they can rest assured that traditional medical and evidence-based protocols and interventions are combined with faith-based modalities. These methods, combined with options to practice their faith on a regular basis, attend religious services, and speak to leaders who are rooted in faith can provide an opportunity for their faith to strengthen throughout treatment.

What Does The Bible Say About Addiction?

Many people entering into a faith-based drug rehab want to know what does the bible say about addiction. The word addiction isn’t specifically used in the Bible because that word didn’t exist when the Bible was written, however, the Bible does give us some guidance into what addiction entails. For instance, the Bible does speak to being of sober mind, and to not being intoxicated or engaging in practices that would intentionally hurt the body. In addition, there are areas in the Bible that speak to God not wanting us to be led astray by any substances that might change our mindset.

Some of the examples that are usually pointed out at the Bible speaking to mind-altering substances typically have to do with drinking, however, there are many areas in the Bible that instruct us to be filled with the joy of Holy Spirit rather than an outside substance that makes us feel a certain way. In Proverbs 20:1 we see, “Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise.” And in Ephesians 5:18, we read, “ Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead be filled with the Spirit.”

People can interpret verses like these in different ways but it is quite clear throughout the Bible that people of faith are encouraged to be of sober mind in order to carry out the purpose and plan God has set forth on their lives.

Sober Friendly Attractions near Miami

With an abundance of sober friendly attractions near Miami, there is no shortage of ways to spend your free time off from rehab. If you want to keep your activities centered around your faith, there are countless churches throughout Miami and the nearby areas. In addition, a quick Internet search can help you locate a variety of Christian social groups and meet up activities.

If you are open to all types of events, you might want to talk advantage of Miami’s museums, beaches, shopping, a variety of dining options, and sports activities. Watersports and relaxing in Florida’s sunshine can be done at any of Miami’s gorgeous beaches. Try South Beach for the ultimate Miami experience, packed with hundreds of eatery options, cafes, boutiques, museums, and eclectic shops. For a more low key ambiance, try Lummus Park or Crandon Park.

For sports lovers, you may want to see what sporting events are happening at the American Airlines Arena or spend a day at a game at the Marlins Park Stadium. Golf lovers can find an array of public golf courses throughout Miami and Fort Lauderdale, or you can give Topgolf a try, where you can enjoy a golfing experience while eating and watching sports.

Museum and art lovers can experience a variety of artistic styles at Wynwood Walls, Perez Art Museum in Miami, of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami.

No matter your taste and personality, there is something for everyone in the beautiful city of Miami. Enjoy events or activities from a clear and sober mindset and take advantage of everything this city has to offer.

Take that first step on the road to recovery by calling Legacy Healing Center and asking about our faith-based drug rehab!

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