How Long Does Rehab Last?

How Long Does Alcohol and Drug Rehab Last?

Addiction, as a mental disease, doesn’t have a cure. It is similar to other diseases such as diabetes, and medically, there are only ways to manage and treat the symptoms. The only real way for addiction treatment to be successful is for it to last long enough for the treatment to have a lasting effect. So, how long does rehab last?

There has been research done into effective treatment lengths, and according to the findings by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a person addicted to drugs or alcohol should spend at least 3 months in treatment, helping to answer the question “how long does rehab last?”. This allows the effective known treatments for addiction to be impactful and to help in managing and controlling the symptoms of addiction, fundamentally helping to prevent future relapse.

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Longer periods spent in rehab further improves the results of treatment, but any shorter than three months in a combination of inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare services will result in less than ideal results according to the data. 

So, how long does rehab last in Legacy Healing Center? Our rehab programs in South Florida, provides ample time for treatment to have a lasting impact. Through a single or series of treatment programs, we provide the key elements of clinical treatment for alcohol or drug addiction that can help an addict to break their cycle of abuse and provide them with the skills and support needed to prevent a return to substance abuse. 

What Types of Durations Are There?

Our rehab near Miami can provide clients with several options for treatments that help to satisfy the suggested treatment length that is needed. How long does rehab last at Legacy Healing Center?  At our rehab, you will be able to take advantage of the one-, two-, and three-month long rehab programs at our Miami rehab, which can be in either an intensive outpatient program, standard outpatient program, partial hospitalization program, or a residential rehab program. 

All of our drug or alcohol addiction programs utilize the best-known methods of treating addiction. This includes the use of medication to treat withdrawal symptoms in our medical detox program, holistic healing methods that aims to address the multiple needs of a patient, co-occurring mental disorder treatment (dual diagnosis), and behavioral therapy.

In our residential facilities, a person can be comfortable during a longer duration stay, such as a 90-day rehab program, thanks to our luxury rehab environment and amenities. 

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Benefits of 30-,60-, 90-Day Rehabs

Each of the drug and alcohol addiction programs that we offer have their own benefits. One of the shortest treatment programs that we offer at our Miami location is the a 30-day rehab. Our intensive outpatient program and residential rehab can provide an excellent way to jump start your recovery, providing you with the key elements that one needs to recover from addiction.

With more time spent in rehab, there tends to be greater success. Our 60-day drug rehab provides added time to focus on your recovery in the therapeutic and intensive treatment programs that we offer. Finally, our long-term program is our 90-day drug rehab. It provides ample time to learn the skills and alter the behavior that no longer serves growth or contributes to substance abuse.

By the end of our 90-day drug rehab, a person will feel ready to conquer what life can throw at them with the confidence and skills required to prevent relapse as long as the recovering person actively takes part in their addiction maintenance.

What Happens After Rehab?

Addiction is a relapsing disease. The only way to truly overcome the disease is to actively maintain one’s recovery. What this means in treatment is that after rehab, even a 90-day program, the recovering person must carry on following their relapse prevention plan which may include follow-up therapy, attendance of 12-step meetings, and the sober coach that we make available to our clients for the rest of their life.

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When a person no longer takes part in aftercare services and programs, then they increase their risk of relapse, and we therefore encourage our clients to continue with their care long after rehab. We also promote long-term sobriety through our alumni program, which is centered around a sober community that partakes in fun activities that support sobriety, and guest speakers that will share important information to help maintain a drug- and alcohol-free life.  

Sober-Friendly Attractions near Miami

Not only does Legacy Healing Center offer faith-based drug rehab and world-class facilities, but it also offers you the city of Miami to explore at the end of each day of hard work getting better, as well.

You have the greatest theme parks in the world to have fun in, and you have a world of other sober entertainment choices, as well. From the wonderful sea life that you get to explore at Discovery Cove, to the alligators of Gatorland and the manatees of Blue Springs State Park, getting in touch with nature is one of the most wonderful parts of being in Miami. Whatever kind of fun you have in mind, Miami has an outlet for it.

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