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Entering Prescription Drug Rehab for Miami Residents

No one who enters into a prescription drug rehab in South Florida thought they would become addicted to a medication prescribed by his or her doctor. The reality is, however, that some prescription medications are highly addictive. There is a false belief that just because an RX prescription is given to someone by a physician and then dispensed by a pharmacist, then it is completely safe. While it is true that many people who get a prescription and take it exactly as prescribed for the length of time intended will be able to safely get off of the medication without any issues, others will have a different experience. Because some of these medications contain substances that alter the mind and receptors in the body, abuse, and addiction of the medication can occur in some people.

Three classes of medication that are most commonly seen when it comes to prescription drug abuse are opiates, used to treat pain, stimulants, often prescribed for hyperactivity disorders, and sedatives/tranquilizers, prescribed for anxiety. When someone who is prescribed these medications has crossed over into RX abuse and addiction territory, a variety of behaviors and signs may be noticeable. These can include requesting refills often, seeing multiple doctors in hopes of obtaining more medication, forging or stealing prescriptions, stealing medication from family members or friends, and having inconsistent and/or made up stories about their prescription usage.

While someone in the trenches of RX addiction may feel like the situation is hopeless, the truth is countless people each year get sober and break free from this type of addiction by entering into a prescription drug rehab such as Legacy Healing Center. By undergoing a medical detox and following this up with rehabilitation, allowing your body to be free of the substance and learning how to break patterns that led you to the addiction in the first place, you can enjoy a new beginning.

RX Rehab for Miami Residents

When you take part in a comprehensive and holistic RX rehab program, such as the one you will find at Legacy Healing Center, you can rest assured knowing you are getting a treatment program tailored to your specific needs. First, a complete medical evaluation will take place that will help the medical and counseling team know the severity of your addiction, and if there are any additional medical issues or co-occurring disorders taking place. Depending on which drug you were using, how much you were taking, and for how long, you may have to undergo a detox first. This detox will be medically supervised to ensure your comfort and safety until it is complete.

After detox, you will begin a rehabilitation program tailored specifically for you. Group counseling sessions, nutritional therapy, one-on-one therapy sessions, fitness time, recreational activities and event, and 12 step support group meetings will become part of your daily routine, giving you the tools you need to stay on the path of recovery.

Understanding Signs of RX Addiction

Because we as a society tend to think prescriptions from physicians are generally safe, we sometimes do not pay close attention to the signs and symptoms of an addiction forming. If your family member or loved one is exhibiting different behaviors since being prescribed a new medication for pain, hyperactivity disorder anxiety, etc., you will want to better understand the signs and symptoms..

General signs of an RX addiction in someone include changes in sleeping and eating patterns, being irritable when they run out of medicine or the medicine isn’t available, they seem overly energetic or intoxicated, is visiting multiple doctors at once for the same issue, is lying about how much medication is being used, or they act hostile or moody. Specific RX medications also cause particular symptoms. For example, anti-anxiety medications can cause excessive sleepiness, confusion, memory impairment, poor judgment and lowered inhibitions whereas someone abusing painkillers may exhibit constipation, low blood pressure, depression, confusion and decreased respiratory rate.

If you are concerned about a possible RX addiction in someone you love, speak to them about the specific medications they are taking and then learn more about abuse side effects and symptoms you need to look out for. If you are noticing these symptoms in your loved one, reach out to a prescription drug rehab, such as Legacy Healing Center, to receive help.

Why RX Addiction is On the Rise

With thousands of people dying every year from drug overdoses, it is understandable to want to learn why RX addiction is on the rise. Over the past decade, the United States has become flooded with prescription medications that can be addictive, thanks to a rise in prescribing habits from physicians. According to The National Institute of Drug Abuse, the United States consumes 75% of the world’s prescription drugs! Drugs that treat things from anxiety and hyperactivity to chronic pain and sleeping issues have been overprescribed, causing abuse and addiction in some patients.

Different organizations are taking the lead on combating this epidemic and states are beginning to have more strict prescribing laws and regulations. In addition, education about addiction and the potentially fatal effects of these drugs has also been increasing.

The Most Abused RX Medications

Prescription drug rehabs help people who are struggling with an addiction to a variety of RX medications. If your friend or loved one is exhibiting strange symptoms and you are suspicious that drug abuse may be taking place, it is good to know which RX medications are most commonly abused. Benzodiazepines such as Xanax, Valium, and Klonopin – which help treat anxiety and panic disorder – are one of the most abused RX medications.

Opioid painkillers also top the charts. Examples of these medicines include Oxycontin, Percocet, and Codeine. While these medications are prescribed for pain, they can be highly addictive and can be abused as someone builds a tolerance to them over time. The abuse of Amphetamines, another addictive drug, is also commonly seen in people who enroll for prescription drug rehab. These stimulant drugs boost energy and alertness and can be used to control weight.

Dangers of RX Addiction

One of the biggest dangers of RX addiction has to do with the misconception that because a medication is prescribed by a doctor and then filled by a pharmacist, that it must be completely safe and free from addictive qualities. This is inaccurate, and there are a wide number of prescription medications that can be habit-forming because of how they alter chemicals in the brain and body.

In addition, there are many physical dangers to the body that can happen with RX addictions, especially when people are taking higher doses of the medication to get the desired effect. In severe cases, seizures, difficulty breathing, and even cardiac arrest can occur through the misuse and abuse of prescription medicines. This is why it is imperative to seek help through an experienced rehabilitation program and learn how to break free from these potentially life-threatening addictions.

Sober Friendly Attractions near Miami

With so many sober friendly attractions near Miami, there are plenty of attractions to see with your free time available from an RX drug rehab. Miami is an incredible, vibrant city jam-packed with arts and culture, fine dining, shopping, museums, stunning beaches, watersports, sporting events and more.

If you prefer to get some physical activity in the sunshine, you can opt for a run on one of Miami’s gorgeous beaches. Consider South Beach if you like to be around a lot of people and want to see a plethora of sights. For a more relaxed, low key outdoor experience, visit Lummus Park or Crandon Park. You can also swing by one of Miami’s countless golf courses, or the new Topgolf that combines golfing with food and watching sporting events.

For anyone seeking indoor activities, you can try shopping at the finest stores at the Aventura Mall in North Miami or spend the day at a museum. Some of the area’s favorites are Coral Castle, Vizcaya Museum and Garden, Perez Art Museum, and The Holocaust Memorial Museum.

There is something for everyone in Miami, no matter your personality or tastes. So enjoy the sunshine and the energy that can only be found in Miami from a new clear perspective only found in sobriety.

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