Alcohol Rehab for Riviera Beach Residents

Alcohol Rehab for Riviera Beach Residents

The dangers of addiction to alcohol cannot be underestimated; alcohol is considered to be the most harmful substance to be addicted to, based on research which analyzed several criteria. If attempts to stop drinking end in relapse, then there is a need for clinical treatment that uses evidence-based therapy and programs to help an addict overcome their disease. Legacy Healing Center’s alcohol rehab in South Florida provides a comprehensive plan to treat an addiction to alcohol that guides a patient through every step of the way.

Left untreated, alcoholism can have fatal consequences; every year, an average of 88,000 people die to alcohol use disorder in the United States. Alcohol addiction can have lasting health effects such as cancer, heart disease, and liver disease among other serious medical conditions. Deciding to get help through our alcohol rehab can be the catalyst to the drastic positive changes that are needed to achieve long-term recovery.

Legacy Healing Center is fully accredited as a clinical addiction treatment facility; we were awarded the Gold Seal of Approval for our outstanding specialized treatment plans that can treat an addiction to substances such as alcohol.

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What Does Alcohol Rehab Consist Of?

Effective alcohol treatment consists of not only the therapies that are required to make lasting changes in a person’s life, but also a holistic approach that helps to improve the overall quality of life of a patient. Through this whole-patient approach, a transformative experience in treatment is possible.

Our alcohol rehab has all of the crucial elements that make alcohol rehab effective, such as a medical detox, dual diagnosis treatment, behavioral therapy such as motivation enhancement therapy, and other aspects of a whole-patient approach to treatment, such as family therapy and community engagement programs. 

Once your short- or long-term rehab program is completed, then the maintenance of your sobriety starts. Long-term addiction maintenance is important to prevent relapse in the years to come. We provide alumni activities such as fun events as a community and guest speakers. Alcoholics Anonymous can also provide further supportive communities to take advantage of in recovery after rehab.

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First, Alcohol Detox

One of the aspects of alcohol addiction that has caused it to be ranked as the most dangerous substance in the world is detox. It is one of the few substances that may be fatal to quit for someone who has become severely physically dependent on alcohol. In fact, someone with severe alcoholism through long-term abuse is often advised to only stop drinking when they enter into a medically-assisted detox program. 

At our alcohol rehab our medical detoxification program for alcohol is the safest way to deal with the symptoms that can be uncomfortable and even dangerous in some cases. The FDA has approved several medications for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS), and we provide these medications to our clients. 

Some of the most used medication for addiction includes benzos such as Librium and Valium, and other drugs such as Antabuse, and naltrexone. The purpose of these medications is to counteract the effects of AWS, such as treating the high levels of anxiety that people often experience with the use of benzodiazepines such as Valium. 

Over-the-counter drugs are also used such as vitamins to help the body heal and function properly during AWS. The entire experience is closely monitored by our healthcare practitioners to ensure that symptoms don’t become too difficult to handle or become life-threatening.

Getting to The Root of Alcohol Addiction

There can be many causes of alcohol addiction, such as being more vulnerable to addiction due to a family history of alcoholism. These root causes are important to understand and explore during your time in rehab as they can provide insight into preventing relapse from occurring. 

According to the science of addiction, there are three main causes of all addictions: development, environment, and biology. These factors increase the chance of an addiction forming, meaning that if a person with little risk and a person with high risk of addiction were to abuse alcohol, the high-risk person might become addicted whereas the low-risk person may not. 

Biological factors that are considered include the genetics that each of us are born with. Ethnicity, gender, and mental disorders can contribute to your risk of becoming an addict. Developmental risks are associated with crucial stages of development that we go through in our teens, and how alcohol abuse may negatively impact one’s natural development. The earlier in a person’s life that alcohol abuse occurs, the more at risk they are of forming alcoholism. 

The final alcohol addiction risk is one’s environment. This includes aspects such as peer pressure, exposure to alcohol, overwhelming stress, and possible physical or emotional abuse.

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Overcoming Addiction with Therapy

The good news is that even though a person might have factors in their life that have led them to alcohol addiction, it isn’t a life sentence. Through our alcohol rehab, you can receive clinical treatments that are designed to help break the cycle of alcohol abuse, and to get a person to the point where they no longer need to drink alcohol just to function or get by. 

The behavioral therapy that we provide, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, is crucial to treating addiction. Behavioral therapy includes such methods as motivation enhancement therapy, which improves and focuses one’s motivation to change, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, which explores problem thinking and behavior and provides alternative behaviors and improves a person’s coping skills. 

Sober-Friendly Attractions near Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach in Palm Beach County, FL, has near-endless sober-friendly activities to enjoy during rehab outings or possibly when family visits. This includes the many stunning beaches that line the coast of Palm Beach County, such as Juno Beach Park, Riviera Municipal Beach, and Ocean Reef Park. The Gardens Mall is nearby if you would like to go shopping, or Rosemary Square if you would like to experience the local culture in the area.

Legacy Healing Center’s alcohol rehab in South Florida provides the ideal solution to alcohol addiction treatment. Contact us at (888) 534-2295 today for more help.

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