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At first, people thought that addiction was just caused by a person’s lack of willpower or series of poor choices. However, addiction is now understood to be a serious mental disorder. As a mental disorder, there are evidence-based treatment methods that are known to be effective at treating it. This treatment tends to come in two settings: inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient rehab is considered to be the most effective way to treat severe addictions, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and our inpatient drug rehab in South Florida incorporates all of the best-known methods of beating an addiction.

Oftentimes, an addict has built their life around the abuse of a substance. This includes their circle of friends and the activities that do in their free time. It can be difficult to stop taking drugs or drinking alcohol when there are so many negative influences in one’s life that have been molded around substance abuse. 

In such a situation, our inpatient drug rehab can provide a person with a space to heal that is free from all of the negative influences that are a part of their everyday life. Our rehab center is fully accredited by the Joint Commission and has been given the highest award for its level of treatment: The Gold Seal of Approval. 

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What is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

When someone seeks treatment for drug or alcohol treatment, they have two options: inpatient or outpatient treatment. A healthcare professional will usually advise a person on what the preferred treatment setting might be for a particular case but will also take into account the level of autonomy that patients may need. 

An inpatient drug rehab program, also known as residential drug rehab, is addiction treatment that is given to an addict while they stay at the rehab or adjoining residential facilities.  For example, a person will pack clothes, medications they have prescriptions for, toiletries, and anything else they might need and then move into a room at the rehab center for the duration of their treatment program.

Our inpatient drug rehab has several benefits compared to outpatient programs. One of the most important benefits is the complete focus that can be placed on healing and recovery due to the structured day-to-day therapies and activities. It is the most intensive form of addiction treatment available, making it ideal for any person who suffers from a serious addiction or has a history or relapse. 

Another important aspect of inpatient rehab is that there are no outside influences, such as peer pressure from substance-abusing friends when a person is fighting cravings during detox. No drugs are allowed on the premises which means that relapse isn’t possible. 

Legacy Healing Center’s inpatient drug rehab can be seen almost like a holiday from your life, allowing you to go through the profound changes that are needed to fully recover from an addiction. We have luxury residential facilities to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible while going through the healing therapy and holistic healing programs. 

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How Long Does Rehab Take?

The time that it takes each person to recover from an addiction can vary greatly depending on their personal history, the type of drug that was abused, how severe their addiction was, and other personal factors. 

As a guideline, the National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests that the minimum amount of time that an addict needs to spend in recovery programs should be 90 days. Of course, this treatment time doesn’t have to consist entirely of just an inpatient program if it isn’t needed; one can partake in inpatient, outpatient, and a variety of aftercare services to gain the full benefit of long-term treatment. 

Our inpatient drug rehab has different treatment program lengths to give effective options for people with different needs, including our 30-, 60-, and 90-day inpatient programs. We also offer outpatient programs of varying lengths, which allows a person to attend a 30-day inpatient program, and then continue with a 60-day outpatient program to satisfy the suggested treatment length for addiction.

60-Day Rehab

Our 60-day inpatient drug rehab is a program that offers all of the effective forms and methods of treatment including medical detox, behavioral therapy, alternative therapy, and holistic healing. 

The length of the program allows for a substantial amount of time to be dedicated to one’s healing and recovery process. The program will start with a medical detox if the person has just stopped their substance abuse and is followed by the various behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and holistic healing which includes exercise, healthy foods, and treatment for co-occurring mental disorders (dual diagnosis). 

By the end of the 60-day program, a person can feel confident that the skills they learned and issues they worked through in therapy can help them to sustain this new drug-free lifestyle.

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90-Day Long-Term Rehab

One of the longest programs we offer at our inpatient drug rehab is our 90-day rehab program. This long-term solution for addiction treatment is an ideal way to overcome severe addictions that require extensive intensive treatment. 

Our resort-like residential facilities will become your home while you participate in the many therapeutic and healing activities that are scheduled for each day. This program uses all of the same evidence-based behavioral therapy as our shorter programs, with the holistic healing services that we offer.

Once a client has reached the end of the 90-day drug rehab program, they will be completely prepared to reintegrate into their normal life and community with the confidence and skills needed to abstain from substance abuse.

Sober-Friendly Attractions near Riviera Beach

During one’s stay at our rehab in South Florida, there are many local and tourist attractions that can make for a fantastic day with the family when they come to visit, or during rehab-organized outings. 

Peanut Island Park, for example, has all of the scenic beauty that the area can offer, and is a popular attraction for local fisherman and holiday makers alike. Lone Pines Golf Course can also be a way to spend some time, or a stroll on the John D. MacArthur Beach State Park to take in the white-sandy beaches and pleasant climate.

Inpatient rehab offers an addict the most intensive and effective way to beat an addiction. Contact Legacy Healing Center today at (888) 534-2295 for more help today.

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